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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Which is the smallest of all birds Bee, hummingbird (2 grams)
2 What are a whales breathing organs called Lungs
3 What is the collective term for ducks A paddling
4 Which flightless bird lays the world's largest eggs Ostrich
5 What term is given to the annual marking of swans on the thames Swan upping
6 Featured in the film jurassic park, which creatures name means 'quick plunderer' Velociraptor
7 What animal is depicted on the logo of toys r us Giraffe
8 With which animals do you associate the disease myxomatosis Rabbits
9 What animal is a chester white A pig
10 What is the worlds largest mammal Blue whale

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Who wrote gullivers travels Jonathan swift
2 Who drew drawings of absurd mechanical contrivances William heath robinson
3 Who created lord peter wimsey Dorothy l sayers
4 Artists: whose progress did william hogarth chart in eight etchings in 1735 A rakes progress
5 Poets: which poet, an icon of the counter culture 's first collection of poetry was called howl Allen ginsberg
6 Eliza doolittle appears in which play Pygmalion/my fair lady
7 What is the name of the russian national ballet The kirov ballet
8 Poets: it took the whole of creation to produce my foot , my each feather - whose foot Hawk roosting ted hughes
9 Poets: what kind of symmetry did the tyger possess, according to william blake Fearful symmetry songs of experience
10 Which american author wrote jaws Peter benchley


Question Answer
1 What 't' is victorious Triumphant
2 What 'e' became prime minister in 1955 Eden
3 What 't' is an exclusively british breed of dog Terrier
4 What 'f' dou you cross in the house of commons if you change party Floor
5 What 'd' is to think carefully Deliberate
6 What 'n' last words were kiss me hardy Nelson
7 Which 'bb' is the fat schoolboy in franck richards' stories Billy bunter
8 What 'uc is a phrase meaning living in tents or that the sails of a ship are spread Under canvas
9 What 'kc' means not to be flustered or to panic Keep cool
10 What 'v' is a tax Vat


Question Answer
1 The simpsons: who ran over snowball i Clovis quimby
2 Movie one liners: there's going to be sex, drugs, rock'n'roll. Chips, dips, chains, whips. Weird science
3 Films of books: which film did ridley scott make from philip k dick's novel 'do animals dream
of electric sheep'
Blade runner
4 Which superhero had a butler named alfred Batman
5 Which famous talk show host made a guest apearence on laverne & shirley Jay leno
6 Which musical won the best picture oscar in 1968 Oliver
7 Advertising slogans: the man from --- -----, he says yes Del monte
8 Movie characters: which 1990 sci-fi movie features the character 'douglas quaid' Total recall
9 How many 'mr colours' were there in the 1991 film reservoir dogs Six (white, orange, blue, blonde, pink, brown. )
10 In the tv show star trek what planet was the home of mr spock Vulcan

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Which drink is served in a schooner Sherry
2 The vanilla plant is native to which country Mexico
3 Which familiar carbonated soft drink contains quinine, a fact which influenced the name it was
Tonic water
4 Which dessert has a custard base and a burnt caramelised top Crme brulee
5 What is the name given to the flat unleavened indian bread resembling a pancake Chapati
6 What foodstuff is the most advertised in the uk Breakfast cereals
7 What is the third most popular soft drink in the uk Lucozade
8 Which countrys does one associate with the following foods or drinks: 'sachertorte' Austria
9 In the drink gin and 'it' - what's 'it' Italian vermouth
10 Who was the first man to bring cocoa beans to europe Juan de cardenas

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Which conflict lasted between 1337 and 1553 Hundred years war
2 What (as at august 2006) is the world's longest running children's tv programme Blue peter
3 Say when, englands first state lottery was held 1569
4 Ascorbic acid is better known as what Vitamin c
5 On which body of water does the french resort biarritz lie Atlantic ocean
6 If a dish is a la florentine, which ingredient is it assumed to have Spinach
7 Which famous columbian author wrote 'one hundred years of solitude' Gabriel garcia marquez
8 Who in 1975 had a funky moped Jasper carrot
9 Which actress called her baby girl 'suri' Katie holmes
10 What is the nickname of royal nanny alexandra legge bourke Tiggy


Question Answer
1 In which state is stone mountain Georgia
2 Which is the most northerly town in the british isles Lerwick
3 Russia: in which town is the brothers karamazov set Staraya russa
4 In which country would you find the yucatan peninsula Mexico
5 Rivers: on which river would you find the victoria falls & the kariba damn Zambesi
6 How many bridges are there in st petersburg 365
7 Australia: where did captain cook set foot on australian soil Botany bay
8 Which motorway connects london with cardiff The m4
9 Ireland: of which church of ireland cathedral was jonathon swift dean St patrick's cathedral
10 In which country is the suez canal Egypt


Question Answer
1 In what year was the united nations organisation formed 1945
2 1990s: whe recorded the 90's album entitled 'jagged little pill'' Alanis morissette
3 1950s: in the world of music how is 'jiles p richardson'' more commonly known The big bopper
4 1970s: greased lightnin was taken from the film grease, but who had chart success with it John travolta
5 1990s: who was at the centre of a televised trial lasting 266 days in 1995 Oj simpson
6 Mottos & epitaphs: complete this motto used by john lewis 'never knowingly __________' Undersold
7 In what year was the chinese republic established 1911
8 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled parallel lines Blondie
9 Natural history: which is the largest of the poisonous snakes The king cobra
10 1990s: what madonna music video was banned by mtv for being too racy Justify my love


Question Answer
1 How in the world of music is 'dino crocetti' more commonly known Dean martin
2 Which re-issued abba track got to number 16 in 1992 Dancing queen
3 Which motown artist wrote the songs 'my guy by mary wells' & 'my girl by the temptations' Smokey robinson
4 What artist had most weeks in the uk chart in 2000 was it bob the builder, westlife, craig
david or britney spears
Craig david
5 What was the shadows first hit without cliff richard Apache
6 The label is bludgen riffola name the band Def leppard
7 In which year did albatross top the charts for fleetwood mac 1968
8 How many sisters are there in the group 'sister sledge' 4
9 Deniece williams wanted to hear it for who The boy
10 In which film does julie london sing 'cry me a river' The girl can't help it

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 In which us national park is the old faithful geyser Yellowstone national park
2 What's the curved line between any two points on a circle An arc
3 Which has the longer wavelength xrays or microwaves Microwaves
4 Which organs of the human body produce urine from waste The kidneys
5 What bone is the patella Kneecap
6 What familiar roadside item, in which money is placed,was invented in 1935 by american
journalist carlton magee
The parking meter
7 Scrivanous palsey is otherwise known as what Writers cramp
8 What is anaemia A deficiency of red blood cells
9 There are 4 classes of myriapods2 of which are pauropoda & symphyla. What are the 2 better
known classes called
Centipedes and millipedes
10 What's the more familiar name of the himalayas' yeti The abominable snowman

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 The 'fia'' is the ruling body for which sport Formula one racing
2 Where was the 1978 world cup held Argentina
3 Freestyle & greco roman are both types of what Wrestling
4 Which canadian won the 100m gold at the 1988 olympics, and was then disqualified for drug
Ben johnson
5 Who was the first jockey to receive a knighthood Sir gordon richards
6 Who was the first brazillian driver to be crowned formula one world champion Emerson fittipaldi
7 Where would you watch rhinos play rugby Leeds
8 Brazil won the world cup for the 3rd time in which year 1970
9 How many epsom derbies did lester piggott win Nine
10 In which year did eddie the eagle edwards leap to stardom at the winter olympics 1988

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 Dr norman gary holds the record for holding the mosy honey bees in his mouth but can you tell
me how many bee's did he manage to keep in his mouth
109 bees
2 In which year did st george die 303
3 How many calories are in a pint of guinness 198
4 Ove nordstrom from sweden has the worlds largest piggy bank collection from over 40 countries
how many piggy banks does she have in total
5 How many miles are there between the centre's of london and manchester as the crow flies 164
6 What year was concorde's maiden commercial flight 1976
7 In what year was the first ever fa cup final 1872
8 What is the highest recorded speed of a polar bear 26mph
9 In march 2003, when the house of commons backed war with iraq, how many 'yes' votes were there
out of a total of 561
10 In 1997 levi straus & co bought a pair of jeans believed to have been made between1886 - 1902
how much did they pay for them
15,616 pounds

Toys & Games

Question Answer