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1 What is the male bee whose sole function is to mate with the queen The drone
2 What type of creatures are cetaceans Whales,dolphins and porpoises
3 Hyraxes, which grow to weigh a maximum of 5kg & and are conies mentioned in the bible, have a
shared ancestry with which large mammal
4 Which curved billed bird is the largest european wader Curlew
5 Smuck is the collective noun for which marine creature Jelly fish
6 What is the world's largest mammal The blue whale
7 Which is the only bird that casn fly backwards The hummingbird
8 What type of creature is a sidewinder A snake
9 Which small rodent , highly valued for it's fine , silky fur, lives almost exclusively high in
the andes
10 What does a butterfly use to taste Its feet

Art & Literature

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1 Impressionists: who developed a style of seperare small dots of pure colour Georges seurat
2 Poets: according to t. S elliot which month is the cruellist April
3 Which stephen king novel is set at the overlook hotel The shining
4 Dance: who originally choreographed chicago Bob fosse
5 Which author wrote novels apon which the tv series (all creatures great & small) was based James herriot
6 Name the famous greek writer of fables Aesop
7 Dance: what was unusual about adventures in motion pictures version of swan lake All male cast of swans
8 What is tthe ballet term for spinning on one foot A piroutte
9 Which writer, archaeologist & soldier joined the raf after the first world war & changed his
name to shaw in 1927
T e lawrence
10 Agatha christie: what was hercule poirot's brother called Achille


Question Answer
1 What 'bb' is the sinister watcher of george orwells 1984 Big brother
2 What 'e' was a nineteenth-century socialist leader who worked with marx Engels
3 What 'o' means erstwhile, former Quondam
4 What 'mil' is the person reggie perrin always thought of as a hippopotamus Mother in law
5 What 'r' is an exhibition of riding skills Rodeo
6 What 'l' is an irish elf Leprechaun
7 What 's' is a yorkshire coalfield Selby
8 What 'p' is the industry with unions called natsopa and sogat Printing
9 What 'p' was the name given to english 19th century colonists who grew rubber, tea, cotton,
coffe and sugar
10 What 'j' means to expose to danger Jeopardise


Question Answer
1 Winston groom wrote the book and tom hanks starred in the film that came from the book what was
it's title
Forrest gump
2 Fawlty towers: what are the 4 ingredients of a waldorf salad Apple, celery, walnuts, grapes
3 Films of books: which edith wharton novel has been filmed three times most recently by martin
scorsese in 1993
The age of innocence
4 In which tv series might you have heard the phrase (book em danno) Hawaii 5-0
5 Nostalgia: on what part of you body were deely bobbers worn Your head
6 In the smash hit tv show crackerjack what did all the contestants leave with Crackerjack pencil
7 Movie taglines: 'if nancy doesn't wake up screaming, she won't wake up at all... ' A nightmare on elm street (1984)
8 Nostalgia: who were the cavemen in wacky races The boulder brothers
9 In the film factory girl starring sienna miller, which artist did guy pearce play Andy warhol
10 Movie characters: which series of movies follows the rather eventful life of 'ethan hunt' Mission impossible

Food & Drink

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1 What are dried plums called Prunes
2 What is the main flavour in the following alcohols 'curacao' Orange
3 The turkish dish of small pieces of meat and vegetables cooked on a skewer Shish kebab
4 From which fruit is grenadine obtained Pomegranate
5 Laetrile is associated with the pit of which fruit Apricot
6 I belong to the same family as the potato, and more of me are canned than any other fruit or
vegetable. What am i
7 Wine vinegar, egg white and what other ingredient goes into making hollandaise sauce Butter
8 Who released the following 'edible' album 'the spaghetti incident' Guns & roses
9 Taramasalata is made from the roe of which fish Cod or grey mullet
10 Which sweet treat is often found at the ambassador's parties Ferrero rocher

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Which actor played boxer rubin 'hurricane' carter in the 1999 film the hurricane Denzel washington
2 The flower of which tree is called may blossom Hawthorn
3 Which car manufacturer makes a model called the camargue Rolls royce
4 In 1955 who became the last woman to be executed by hanging in britain Ruth ellis
5 Who admitted to adultery in a 1995 interview with jonathan dimbleby Prince charles
6 Which state in america is the biggest oil producer Alaska
7 What is the 3rd largest selling soft drink in the uk (2008) Lucozade
8 How many children did winston churchill (british prime minister) have Four (diana, randolph, sarah, marigold)
9 From which fruit is the spirit kirsch made Cherries
10 What is the last letter of the greek alphabet Omega


Question Answer
1 Mountains: which mountain in the swiss alps is featured in a clint eastwood film The eiger
2 What's the largest museum in the world The louvre
3 Australia: how many time zones are there within australia Three
4 Capitals: who was the last person to be imprisoned in the palace of westminster in 1902 Emmeline pankhurst
5 What's the capital of zimbabwe Harare
6 Apart from water, what runs through the mouth of the river amazon and lake victoria The equator
7 London: who founded the london library Thomas carlyle (waited 2 hours book)
8 Ireland: which town was captured by the spaniards but retaken by the english in 1601 Kinsale
9 Africa: adopted as a national emblem what species of gazelle is found in the southern drylands The springbok
10 Australia: which penal settlement was home to 12,500 convicts & connected to tasmania by a
strip land known as eaglehawk neck
Port arthur


Question Answer
1 Dates: when did einstein first publish his theory of relativity 1905
2 Natural history: what is the main difference between a monkey and an ape Monkeys have tails
3 1980s: milos forman is one of the elite few to have won two best director oscars. In 1975 he
recieved an oscar for one flew over the cukoos nest. For which opulent film did he recieve the
oscar in 1984
4 British monarchs: what relation was george iii to george ii Grandson
5 For which european country did mozambique declare independence in 1975 Portugal
6 How many colonies signed the american declaration of independence 13 colonies
7 The french revolution: which prestigous decoration was created towards the end of the
revolutionary period
The legion d'honneur
8 2000s: which singer released her debut album in 2004 entitled 'unwritten'' Natasha bedingfield
9 1950s: in 1952. 'elizabeth becomes queen'. Who was her late father George vi
10 1980s: what was the first video mtv played Video killed the radio star


Question Answer
1 Which group has an exclusive range of clothing available through the k-9 club East 17
2 Instrumental band b bumble & the stingers had a no. 1 hit in 1960 with a single based on a
tchaikovsky tune what was the song
Nut rocker
3 The single 'respect yourself'' was released in the 1990's by which die hard music lover Bruce willis
4 What was norwegian band aha's first album called Hunting high and low
5 Which dire straits album features the song 'walk of life' and 'money for nothing' Brothers in arms
6 Glen miller received the first ever golden record award, for which single Chattanooga choo choo
7 Which artists recorded the album the original soundtrack 10cc
8 From the 1970's which song and artist 'you're a rhapsody, a comedy, you're a symphony and a
play. You're every love song ever written, but honey what do you see in me''
Rod stewart / you're in my heart
9 Which was the first beatles album to consist entirely of original material A hard days night
10 The lovin spoonful were cats from which town in 1967 Nashville

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 Which organ of the body has the aorta Heart
2 How do procumbent plants grow They spread overground
3 Occuring twice yearly what name is given 2 a day that consists of 12 hours of daylight & 12
hours of darkness
4 What name is given to the diagram in which sets are represented by circles Venn diagram
5 In which desert does the wind known as the sirocco originate The sahara
6 What fruit is considered to be the most nutritious Avocado
7 What nationality was anders celcius who devised the centigrade scale of temperature measurement Swedish
8 In the 19th century who was the railway king The financier george hudson
9 What type of glass darkens when exposed to light Photochromic
10 What is the unit used to measure supersonic speed Mach

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Who won back to back world snooker championships in the 1980's Steve davies
2 Which football club's badge depicts a golden lion on a claret and blue background Aston villa
3 Who was the last briton to win the wimbledon singles title before virgina wade in 1977 Anne jones (1969)
4 Which football team plays at pride park Derby county
5 Which country did australia not play against between 1946-1973 New zealand
6 Lincoln, east end, manchester & london are all types of what piece of sporting equipment Dartboards
7 What is the minimum rest period between two games for any team at the 2006 world cup according
to fifa competition rules
48 hours
8 Which team scored the most goals in an fa cup game Preston
9 In which sport might you start from pole position Motor racing
10 Which english striker scored 4 goals in two games during euro 2004 against croatia &
Wayne rooney

Tie Breaks

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1 Fred a goldfish from surrey is the oldest goldfish on record how old was fred when he died 41
2 Number of permutations of the band wings 6
3 How long did 'release me' by engelbert humperdink stay in the uk charts 56
4 How many professional fights did muhammad ali/ cassius clay have 61
5 In what year was 'mary poppins' written 1934
6 Canadian tattoo artist arnold spencer the 3 rd holds the record for the most tatttoo's on a
human body but how many does he have
7 How many times is the `f-word` used in the film `goodfellas` 246
8 The first set of rules for the sport of boxing, the london prize ring rules, were introduced in
which year
9 The first ever tv episode of 'heartbeat' was screened in which year 10th april / 1992
10 Tony mattia of brighton,has the largest collection of barbie dolls on record how many barbies
were in that collection

Toys & Games

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