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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 What herb do cats love Catnip/ cat mint
2 What color spots has the common ladybird Black
3 What type of insects are hawkers, clubtails, biddies, emeralds, darts & skimmers Dragon flies
4 Which water bird has brown & black feathers with a white flank slash & a red beak shield Moorhen
5 What type of creature is the most poisonous in the world Frog , (half inch golden frog)
6 What sort of creature is a fluke Worm
7 Apart from humans there is only one other creature that has sex for pleasure can you name it Dolphin
8 What are insects chewing jaws called Mandibles
9 Smuck is the collective noun for which marine creature Jelly fish
10 What is also known as the freshwater lobster The crayfish

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 The renaissance: leonardo da vinci & michelangelo were simultaneously employed to decorate
different parts of which room
The council chamber in the palazzo vecchio, florence
2 Who was the merchant in shakespear's (the merchant of venice) Antonio
3 Who penned the 1999 autobiography entitled 'managing my life' Alex ferguson
4 In which city is the encyclopediaa britanica published Chicago
5 How is jack dawkins otherwise known as in a dickens novel Artful dodger
6 Agatha christie: which of agatha christie's plays in now the longest continually running drama
in the west end
The mousetrap
7 By what name is the great italian sculptor & artist buonarroti better known Michelangelo
8 Where would you find poets corner Westminster abbey
9 Childrens books: what is the tin man searching for in the wizard of oz His heart
10 Agatha christie: in guy hamiltons film version of the mirror crack'd who played miss marple Angela lansbury


Question Answer
1 What 'bm' is a jewish celebration of a boy reaching the age of 13 Bar mitzvah
2 What 'sit' saves nine Stitch in time
3 What 'm' precedes and shakers to describe influential people Movers
4 What 'shgts' is an advertising slogan that hits you right between the eyes Should have gone to specsavers
5 What 'ascnd' was a 1951 movie starring marlon brando & vivien leigh A street car named desire
6 What 'e' is everlasting Eternal
7 What 'u' is a tunnel taking one road beneath another Underpass
8 What 'f' did john travolta stir up on saturday night Fever
9 What 's' are a group of people who combine to do business Syndicate
10 What 'tcomc' is the literary character 'edmund dantes' otherwise known The count of monte cristo


Question Answer
1 Which quentin tarantino film was originally called black mask Pulp fiction
2 Movie one liners: im 10 days late , and theres no way you could have had it and not noticed Nine months
3 Songs in films: the supremes provided the hit theme to a movie starring 'anthony quinn & faye
dunaway' what was the film
The happening
4 Movie one liners: this is the end! The absolute end! ' The lady in the dark (1944)
5 What was the name of the bar in which the tv show (cheers) was set Cheers
6 Who killed maxine peacock in coronation street Richard hillman
7 Nostalgia: who were the aliens in captain scarlet The mysterons
8 In which 1997 movie did gaz gerald, guy and dave shed their clothes The full monty
9 In which show would you find the character of captain jack harkness Torchwood
10 Movie one liners: _alla famiglia_! _salud! _' ('to family! ') Moonstruck (1987)

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 From what country does advocaat originate Holland
2 In which english county is brie made Somerset
3 Poteen is a distilled spirit made in the west of ireland. What is it made from Potatoes
4 What are you doing if you are shucking an oyster Opening it
5 What ingredient is used to flavour amaretto liqueurs and biscuits Almond
6 From which fish does caviar come Sturgeon
7 Of what is bonito a variety Tuna
8 Where is the oldest distillery in the world The old bushmills, cty antrim
9 With what is champagne mixed to produce `buck's fizz' Orange juice
10 Which part of the english breakfast was known derisively in victorian times as little bags of

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Wing chun is a popular form of which martial art Kung fu
2 Sing sing is located in new york city. What is it A prison
3 Genoa is a city in which country Italy
4 What in radio does fm actually stand for Frequency modulation
5 Under what name does rapper 'calvin broadus'' operate Snoop doggy dog / snoop dog
6 Abbreviations, what is the hmso His/her majesty's stationary office
7 True or false: there was someone called george in enid blyton's secret seven' True
8 In science, what is extracted from a substance for it to be described as 'anhydrous' Water
9 Can you spell the word for me fluorescent Fluorescent
10 Who was the first woman to present the british children's tv show, _blue peter_ Leila williams


Question Answer
1 Rivers: on which river does inverness stand The ness
2 Ireland: what does the word cork mean The gaelic for cork 'corcaigh' means marshy
3 What forms the natural border between europe & asia The ural mountains
4 Who was head of state of spain before king juan carlos General franco
5 Africa: the cameleopard is an old european name for which african animal The giraffe
6 Mountains: why would it be incorrect to describe this mountain as mount fujiyama Yama means mountain so it should be mount fuji
7 The tenge is the basic monetary unit of which country Kazakhstan (1 tenge = 100 teims)
8 Mountains: in which country is mount ararat Turkey
9 London: which 19th century engineer design paddington station Isimbard kingdom brunnel
10 Russia: in which town were tsar nicholas ii & his family executed during the russian revolution Yekaterinburg


Question Answer
1 1980s: which eighties musician got sued by a music related company for using their name as part
of his pseudonym*
Thomas dolby
2 British history: who was the first woman to be elected as speaker of the house of commons Betty boothroyd
3 Firsts: where was the first purpose built observatory constructed in 1576 Uraniborg in denmark
4 Religion & myth: which branch of christianity holds meetings in kingdom halls Jehovah's witnesses
5 British monarchs: which family of monarchs reigned after the normans & before the house of
The plantagenets
6 British monarchs: which monarch died from smallpox in 1694 at the age of 32 Mary ii
7 Military history: where did the boer war take place South africa
8 1970s: 'who loves ya, baby'was the catchphrase of which `70s tv sleuth* Kojak
9 Natural history: which wood are divining rods usually made from Hazel
10 2000s: which british actor was on the receiving end of a vile prank call made by jonathan ross
and russell brand during 2008
Andrew sachs


Question Answer
1 Which oxford university professor of poetry had his lyrics for les miserables rejected James fenton
2 What beatles song won a grammy as the best song of 1966 Michelle
3 Who titled his 1977 top ten album after the 2nd book in the bible Bob marley
4 In whose band is madonna wayne gacy the keyboard player Marilyn mason
5 Which john lennon song did roxy music take to number one the year after his death Jealous guy
6 Whose 1976 debut hit was 'you to me are everything' The real thing
7 Eurovision: which country won the eurovision song contest in 1966 Austria
8 Which album cover had to be reshot because it featured unauthorised shots of various
Some girls
9 Who reached no. 1 with the song 'you're the first the last my everything' Barry white
10 Who had a hit in 1997 with 'torn' Natalie imbruglia

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What is a portuguese man-o-war Jelly fish
2 In dyeing what is the name given to the substance used for fixing the color Catalyst
3 In which year did the last manned expedition to the moon take place 1972
4 What does the xp in the operating system 'windows xp' actually stand for Experience
5 In computing what does the word modem an abbreviation of Modulate demodulate
6 True or false, wild fish always have more omega-3 fatty acids than farm-raised fish False
7 What is the essential differences between arteries & veins Arteries carry blood from the heart veigns return it
8 How many days will it be before a clock, losing 30 minutes a day shows the right time again Twenty four
9 In chemistry, what type of substance is formed when an acid is mixed with an alkali A salt
10 What does the letter c stand for in the computer term ascii Code (american standard code for information interchange)

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Which football player has played first team football for liverpool 658 times and for wales 67
Ian rush
2 Which grand prix racing team are based in woking, surrey Mcclaren
3 Who was the first snooker player to score a maximum 147 break in world championship snooker Cliff thorburn
4 California dolls is an 80's movie comedy about which sport Wrestling
5 Who wore englands number 15 shirt during euro 2004 Owen hargreaves
6 Which footballer was sentenced to 3 months at ford open prison in 1984 for drink driving and
assaulting a police officer
George best
7 He wears a no. 10 jersey, i thought it was his position but it turns out to be his iq who was
george best describing
Paul gascoigne
8 In which game might you castle Chess
9 Which famous sporting star was kidnapped in 1983 Shergar (racehorse)
10 Which central-eastern european country is dynamo kiev from Ukraine

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In which year were three points for a win introduced to the english league 1981
2 Venus williams holds the record for the fastest serve in tennis by a woman, but can anybody
tell in miles per hour how fast the serve was
127. 4 mph
3 How much has nicolas anelka cost thus far 85 million
4 How many feature films did alfred hitchcock direct which had only one word in the title 15
5 Sir robin day was born on which date 24th october 1923
6 How many episodes of 'prisoner: cell block h' were made 692
7 A 50 year old bottle of glenfiddich whiskey is the most expensive bottle ever sold how much did
it cost =
8 As of the last census carried out in the uk (2001) what was the population of london (all 32
9 The tv series planet of the apes starring roddy mcdowell waas set in which year 3085
10 How much did sylvester stallone earn from his first rocky film that came out in 1976 (in

Toys & Games

Question Answer