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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 What is the male bee whose sole function is to mate with the queen The drone
2 What is the collective term for ducks A paddling
3 Which gentle creature did walt disney create in 1942 Bambi, the fawn
4 What sort of animal was tarka An otter
5 Where do birds of paradise come from New guinea
6 What is unusual about goats when they sleep They don't close their eyes
7 Which flightless bird from mauritus is now extinct The dodo
8 Smuck is the collective noun for which marine creature Jelly fish
9 Featured in the film jurassic park, which creatures name means 'quick plunderer' Velociraptor
10 What type of creature is an aardvark An anteater (edentata)

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Childrens books: what was the hedgehog called in the beatrix potter tale Mrs tiggywinkle
2 What creatures does captain ahab become obsessed with Moby dick, great white whale
3 What was the title of the first ever james bond novel Casino royale
4 Impressionists: who depicted a sunday afternoon on the island of grande jatte Georges seurat
5 In the book the secret diary of adrian mole, what was the name of adrian's girllfriend Pandora
6 Poets: which poets experiences in the first world war expressed themselves in his satirical
poems & his memoirs as a fox hunting man
Siegfried sassoon
7 Artists: whose progress did william hogarth chart in eight etchings in 1735 A rakes progress
8 Which famous book begins with the line: when he was nearly thirteen my brother jem got his arm
badly broken at the elbow
To kill a mockingbird
9 Which gilbert and sullivan opera is about the emperor of japan The mikado
10 Which word created by jk rowling gained entry into the oxford english dictionary in 2003 Muggle


Question Answer
1 What 'j' means pertaining to the region of james i Jacobean
2 What 's' is the term for a professional, paid magistrate as opposed to a justice of the peace Stipendiary
3 What 'ti' was homer's poem on the siege of troy The iliad
4 What 'k' is the collective name for large seaweeds Kelp
5 What 'rtb' is an ursine character who was 70 years old in 1990 Rupert the bear
6 What 'w' was britian's first prime minister Walpole
7 What 'cp' is a bird used for conveying messages Carrier pigeon
8 What 'r' is another name for a hikers backpack Rucksack
9 What 'ch' is the historic home in north yorkshire where brideshead revisited was filmed Castle howard
10 What 'e' is a medicine that helps clear the lungs by coughing Expectorant


Question Answer
1 Movie characters: which 1993 movie features the character 'john gage' Indecent proposal
2 What musical instrument did sooty play The xylophone
3 In harry potter & the philosophers stone, what is the name of the dog that guards the stone Fluffy
4 If you collected lepidoptera what would you collect Moths & butterflies
5 Films of books: which edith wharton novel has been filmed three times most recently by martin
scorsese in 1993
The age of innocence
6 Advertising slogans: don't shop for it, ----- it. Argos
7 Nostalgia: what large container was taken to parties in the 70's Party sevens (beer cans holding 7 pints)
8 War films: which 1978 film starred robert de niro , christopher walken , & john savage The deer hunter
9 What was the title of celine dion's no. 1 hit single featured in the movie tiitanic My heart will go on
10 Which uk tv series was based on eric chappell's play the banana box Rising damp

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Gnocchi is a food from italy. What is it Small dumplings made of potato, flour or semolina
2 What name was given to the light, clear wine developed in medieval times along the coastal
valleys of the gironde river in the bordeaux region
3 Who released the following 'edible' album 'tupelo honey' Van morrison
4 What does the phrase al dente mean Pasta cooked firm
5 Which spirit is used to fortify red wine in creating port Brandy
6 What is bottled in jeroboams Champagne
7 What is the term used to describe pasta that is cooked correctly Al dente
8 What type of fruit is a damson Plum
9 How did chocolate get it's name Spanish imitation of aztech word tchocolatl
10 What are 'ladies finger' better known as Okra or bhindi

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Who had a hit in 1972 with the song 'puppy love' Donny osmond
2 Hammasa kohistani became the first ever muslim what in this year (2005) Miss world
3 Which 4 cities did london beat in order to host the olympics games in 2012 (pfe) Paris , madrid , new york , moscow
4 Which tv soap actress played cleopatra in the 1964 film carry on cleo Amanda barrie (she later played alma baldwin in coronation street)
5 What is a tree or shrub called that sheds its leaves annually Deciduous
6 Which 1940s glamour icon was the star of the film gilda Rita hayworth
7 Which cosmetics & perfume company was originally called (the california perfume co) Avon
8 On a standard dartboard, which number follows 11 if you move anticlockwise Eight
9 Which racecourse hosts the ebor meeting York
10 Complete the title of this james bond film, the living. . . What Daylights


Question Answer
1 Which city in new zealand is known both as the city of the plains and the garden city is it
wellington or christchurch
2 What was the former name of manhattan's park avenue Fourth avenue
3 In which continent would you find the nile river Africa
4 What does copenhagen mean in english Merchants haven
5 To the nearest 500 million how many people are alive today 5,5 billion people
6 Which motorway connects london with cardiff The m4
7 Which is the smallest state in the usa Rhode island
8 What is a sextant used to measure The angle of the sun or stars above a horizon
9 What forms the natural border between europe & asia The ural mountains
10 The british isles: which feature of the east of england was caused by the flooding of medieval
peat diggings
The broads


Question Answer
1 1970s: grease the musical opened on broadway in 1973 how many performances were there 3,388
2 1980s: who was the famous individual who originated the catch phrase 'just say no' Nancy reagan
3 The french revolution: where was the first national assembly formed The palace of versailles
4 American history: which is the nations oldest chartered city Albany, new york
5 1980s: the worldwide stock market crash on 19th october 1987 became known as what Black monday
6 Where was the only british prime minister to be assassinated killed The lobby of the house of commons
7 1980s: mark david chapman was famous for what in 1980 Shooting john lennon
8 1960s: what happened to the apollo i spacecraft on 27 january 1967 Caught fire on launch pad killing all 3 crew
9 1980s: who was the actress that played ferris bueller's sister Jennifer grey
10 Neptune was the roman god of the oceans, what name did the greeks use Poseidon


Question Answer
1 What prince single was also the name of his semi autobiographical film Purple rain
2 Which female vocalist guested with massive attack on their 3rd album mezzanine Elizabeth frazier
3 With which rock band does 'slash' play guitar Guns n roses
4 What where the christian names of the everly brothers Don & phil
5 What is the best selling rolling stones single in britain Honky tonk woman
6 Which artist married carrie fisher in august 1983 Paul simon
7 What was the best selling single in the uk in the 20th century by a duo You're the one that i want
8 What was a no. 1 hit in the 70's for tina charles I love to love (my baby just loves to dance)
9 Who played the part of bongo herbert in a classic 1959 movie Cliff richard
10 Did elvis presley ever tour the uk No

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 The 2 stars to the right of the plough in the constellation of ursa major are called the
pointers to what do they point
Polaris the pole star
2 Where is a fish's caudal fin The tail
3 What did prokofiev's peter catch & take to the zoo A wolf
4 Who was inspired by an apple falliing Sir isaac newton
5 Aspirin was originally obtained from the bark of which tree Willow
6 What is the cos a type of Lettuce
7 What is the antirrhinum better known as The snapdragon
8 What is the oxygen carrying component of blood Haemoglobin
9 Which fruit has the latin name of malus oumila Apple
10 Who ran naked through the street shouting eureka Archimedes

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Who founded the 'matchroom snooker organisation'' in 1982 Barry hearn
2 Which of these is older, the new york or the london marathon New york
3 In france 98 which team were called the reggae boyz Jamaica
4 How many players are there in a beach volley ball team 2
5 What did murray walker do before commentating Advertising
6 How many hurdles are there in the men's 110metres hurdles 10
7 Who did cliff thorburn beat in the final of his one and only world snooker championship final Alex higgins
8 Which dart's commentator is known for his hyperbole such as (alexander the great was 33 when he
conquered the known world, bristow is 27)
Sid waddell
9 Until 2001, southampton played at the dell but have now moved to where St mary's
10 Which was the last season that the premiership was contested over 42 games 1994/1995

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In the opening credits of the simpson's maggie is scanned through a checkout machine. Can
anyone tell me how much does the till say when she went through
$847. 63
2 As at march 2004, what is the highest single prize won on the national lottery 22590829
3 How many times is the f-word used in the film `scarface` 206
4 A single 54lb ling fish was found to be carrying how many eggs 28,361,000 eggs
5 In 1968 what percentage of woman had no teeth at all 0. 4
6 In which year did tesco open its first supermarket in the uk 1956
7 In what year were big ben's chimes first broadcast by the bbc (radio) 1923
8 How many episodes in total were made of juliet bravo 82 episodes
9 In what year was the raf founded 1918
10 In which year saw the introduction of yellow and red cards to the world cup 1970

Toys & Games

Question Answer