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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 What is unusual about goats when they sleep They don't close their eyes
2 With which animals do you associate the disease myxomatosis Rabbits
3 Which bird is an emblem of the french nation The rooster
4 Hyraxes, which grow to weigh a maximum of 5kg & and are conies mentioned in the bible, have a
shared ancestry with which large mammal
5 What herb do cats love Catnip/ cat mint
6 Apart from humans there is only one other creature that has sex for pleasure can you name it Dolphin
7 Owing to the sound it makes, what is the alternative name for the australian bird the
The laughing jackass
8 Which flightless bird from mauritus is now extinct The dodo
9 What was the first animal to be domesticated Dog
10 What sort of animal was tarka An otter

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 What are the march sisters names in louisa m alcotts (little woman) Jo, meg beth & amy
2 Which british artist is noted for his numerous paintings of horses George stubbs
3 Poets: whose advice was 'when i am dead my dearest , sing no sad songs for me' Christina rossetti
4 Poets: six of his greatest 'flowers of evil' were banned and he was fined for offences against
public morals. Who was he
Charles baudelaire
5 Who is novelist helen fieldings most famous character Bridget jones
6 Childrens books: what happened to hilaire belloc's matilda She told lies & was burned to death
7 What is (onomatopoeia) The use of words which sound like the event they describe, such as bang
8 Childrens books: what is obelix's favourite food Wild boar
9 Who wrote the novel 'gone with the wind' Margaret mitchell
10 Childrens books: in maurice sendak's 'where the wild things are' what did max wear in order to
make mischief
His wolf suit


Question Answer
1 What 'm' has rabat as its capital Morocco
2 What 'tb' record album by madonna was number one in twenty-eight countries True blue
3 What 'vsop' is a rare and expensive brandy Very special old pale
4 What 't' is the name of saturns largest moon Titan
5 What 'p' is the game bird that lives in 'coveys' Partridge
6 What 'c' is an underground cell or vault Crypt
7 What 't' is a book by kipling that features baloo the bear Jungle book
8 What 'l' means wolf-like Lupine
9 What 'r' is to emit hot vapour or stink Reek
10 What 'i' can result from eating too quickly or too much Indigestion


Question Answer
1 Tony curtis reportedly said of which actress that kissing her was like kissing hitler Marilyn monroe
2 Movie one liners: i have a head for business and a bod for sin Working girl
3 Movie taglines: 'harry angel is searching for the truth... Pray he doesn't find it. ' & 'it will
scare you to your very soul. '
Angel heart (1987)
4 Which 1986 sci fi movie features the character, 'seth brundle'' The fly
5 Big brother: who said 'that bird is off the hook' Maxwell
6 The simpsons: who is dr. Vladimir krabokov The evil dr. Crab of 'radioactive man'
7 Who is the singer graham mcferson better known as Suggs
8 Movie one liners: i would have stayed for 2000 Pretty woman
9 In only fools and horses what is rodney's middle name Charlton
10 What us sitcom's famous fictional venue is at 112 beacon street Cheers (the bar)

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Which sweet treat could be found at the ambassador's parties Ferraro rocher
2 Which part of the english breakfast was known derisively in victorian times as little bags of
3 What alcoholic drink is distilled from pears Perry
4 By what is the seasoned jellied loaf made from the head of a pig generally known Brawn
5 What jelly is traditional accompaniment to lamb Redcurrant
6 What name is given to a cockerel that is castrated and fattened for the table Capon
7 How many teaspoons in a tablespoon (uk) 3
8 From what country does advocaat originate Holland
9 In 1989 in which brand of confectionery did blue replace brown Smarties
10 What would you be drinking if you were given earl grey Tea

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Jim morrison was found dead at his paris apartment in march 1971 but where exactly was his body
In the bath (literally)
2 Who was the prime minister of britain at the start of the first world war Herbert asquith
3 Which of the queen's country residences lies on the river dee Balmoral
4 In the tv show one foot in the grave how did the character victor meldrew eventually meet his
Knocked down by car
5 West germany won world cup beating holland in the final, movies the towering inferno & the
godfather part2 are released, nixon resigns
6 What shop used to have the slogan (don't ask the price tis a penny) Marks & spencers
7 Whose famous tv catchphrase was 'shut that door'' Larry grayson
8 Which 1990 movie featured the roxette track (it must have been love) on its soundtrack Pretty woman
9 The pistil is the reproductive organ of what A flower
10 Which american state is known as the blue grass state Kentucky


Question Answer
1 What is the world's third largest sea Mediterranean
2 Public buildings: why was the eiffel tower built To celebrate 100th anniversay of the french revolution
3 Which was the first suspension bridge in london Hammersmith bridge
4 Public buildings: which madrid art gallery opened in 1993 after an industrial magnates spanish
wife chose the city in preference to london
Museo thyssen bornemisza
5 Mountains: which east african mountain has a swahili name mountain of the god of cold Kilimanjaro
6 What was the former name of kampuchea Cambodia
7 In which southern us state is dodge city Kansas
8 Which port of sicily shares its name with a city in new york state Syracuse
9 In what year did captain cook reach new zealand 1769
10 New york: which symbol of freedom designed by frederic auguste bartholdi was a gift to the city
from the french
Statue of liberty


Question Answer
1 Who did the los angeles times endorse in the 1964 preisential election Barry goldwater
2 1980s: what canadian sketch comedy show helped launch john candy's career Sctv
3 Henry viii: who was the second wife of henry viii Anne boleyn
4 What city was john f. Kennedy nominated for president in Los angeles
5 1980s: what was the fight between argentina and great britan over Falkland islands
6 British history: who was the last liberal to be prime minister of britain Lloyd george
7 Natural history: where might you find hell, julius caesar, birmingham and billy On the moon
8 Natural history: what fruit is a cantaloupe Melon
9 What nationality was hannibal Carthaginian
10 Military history: which country invaded and took control of ethiopia in 1895 Italy


Question Answer
1 Who was 'giving it all away' Roger daltrey
2 David coverdale was a member of 'def leppard' or 'whitesnake' Whitesnake
3 What is paul's middle name Paul
4 Who was the lead singer with spandau ballet Tony hadley
5 Susanna hoffs was a member of which band The bangles
6 Which singer was known as 'the walrus of love' Barry white
7 Who is the youngest beatle George harrison
8 How many number one singles did the wombles have was it a) one b) two c) three d) four D) four
9 Which paul simon album won a grammy for album of the year in 1987 Graceland
10 Whose 1996 debut album was entitled 'first band on the moon' The cardigans

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 Which is the most intelligent breed of dog The collie
2 What is the male sex hormone called Testosterone
3 What is a young hare called Leveret
4 Who invented the bouncing bomb in the second world war Barnes williams
5 Which british flower is known as the lent lily The daffodil
6 What venomous serpent is known as the gentlemen among snakes The rattlesnake
7 What has the chemical formula h2, so4 Sulphuric acid
8 What is the nearest star to earth The sun
9 What describes a person with no skin pigment An albino
10 Name tin tin's canine companion Snowy

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 In snooker how many points is the brown ball worth Four
2 Which was the first team to be eliminated from a world cup without losing a match Scotland , 1974
3 In which sport did ballyregan bob win 32 consecutive races Greyhound racing
4 What nationality is manchester united manager alex ferguson Scottish
5 What is the alternative name for the hop step and jump The triple jump
6 For which team did michael schumacher drive in his first grand prix in belgium in 1991 Jordan
7 Who was the first britain to hold a world javelin record Fatima whitbread
8 Who succeeded bill shankly as the manager of liverpool Bill paisley
9 Who was the first british athlete to hold the world javelin record Fatima whitbread
10 Irishman stephen roche won which sporting event in 1987 The tour de france

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 At what age can a female lemming become pregnant, answer in days please!!! Just 14 days
2 In what year was the munch air disaster 1958
3 How many aces did greg rudeski serve in the year of 1999 685 aces
4 How many press ups did charles servizio achieve during a 24 hour record attempt in april 1993 46001
5 In which year was the children in need charity founded 1979
6 What year was the eurovision song contest first shown on tv 1956
7 How long in miles is the great wall of china 4163 miles
8 Which year saw the death's of ian dury, barbara cartland and alec guinness 2000
9 In what year did genghis khan cease power 1227
10 In the opening credits of the simpson's maggie is scanned through a checkout machine. Can
anyone tell me how much does the till say when she went through
$847. 63

Toys & Games

Question Answer