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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 What is the worlds largest mammal Blue whale
2 Which bird is renowned for taking over the nests of other species Cuckoo
3 What creatures were frequently used to bleed patients in the nineteeth century Leeches
4 Which is the second heaviest land animal The hippopotamus
5 What type of animal is pulex irritans Flea
6 What name is given to a creature equally at home on land and in water Amphibian
7 Where do birds of paradise come from New guinea
8 Which creature had a short nose horn & two larger horns on the brow Triceratops
9 Which rodent has given it's name to a mean spirited or bad tempered woman Shrew
10 Name the only monkey living in freedom in europe Barbary ape, gibraltor

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Dance: who choreographed west side story Jerome robbins
2 Poets: which trinadadian poet won the nobel prize for literature in 1992 Derek walton
3 Which novel was originally going to be titled elinor and marianne Sense and sensibility
4 How old was adrian mole when he began writing his secret diary 13 & three quarters
5 What was the only novel to be written by margaret mitchell Gone with the wind
6 Who wrote the novel lady chatterly's lover Dh lawrence
7 Which word created by jk rowling gained entry into the oxford english dictionary in 2003 Muggle
8 What is the fourth book in the harry potter series The goblet of fire
9 In which book which is also a film has the characters pod, arrietty, homily & peagreen The borrowers
10 American writers: what was erica jongs first novel, published in 1973 Fear of flying


Question Answer
1 What 'a' is your signature Autograph
2 What 'g' could be seen and heard at the start of films made by the rank organisation Gong
3 What 'wb' is the footwear named after sir arthur wellesley Wellington boot
4 What 'f' is a brimless hat named after a town in morocco Fez
5 What 'c' comes before stick, wick and light Candle
6 What 'it' would you find inside a bicycle tyre Inner tube
7 What 'ahal' means very cheerful As happy as larry
8 What 'p' were voted the best new musical group of 1988 Pasadenas
9 What 'yay' is a basis of chinese philosophy Yin and yang
10 What 'k' was a german-speaking, czech-born writer Kafka


Question Answer
1 Movie one liners: well, thank you, harvey. I prefer you, too. ' Harvey (1950)
2 On tv how are (daphne, cj, chris, kevin & judith) collectively known Eggheads
3 Movie taglines: 'where do you go when the record is over... ' Saturday night fever (1977)
4 Debuts: whose first play appeared in a double bill with t. S eliot's sweeney agonistes W h auden (the dance of death)
5 Buffy: why was buffy kicked out of her previous school She burnt down the gym
6 In 1955 who was the first ever presenter of crackerjack Eamonn andrews
7 In which film does bruce willis have to stop an asteroid on collision course with earth Armageddon
8 Which musical features the song (the rain in spain) My fair lady
9 Which late actor played the joker in the 2008 movie 'the dark knight'' Heath ledger
10 Nostalgia: what type of animal was dill A dog

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Saffron comes from the stamen of which flower Crocus
2 From which nut is marzipan derived Almonds
3 What is the fruit flavour of cointreau Orange
4 In monty pythons the meaning of life what was mr. Creosote's very last course A wafer thin mint
5 What french word is used for the water ice often served between courses to refresh the palette Sorbet
6 Which fish is smoked and cured and called 'finnan' Haddock
7 By what is the seasoned jellied loaf made from the head of a pig generally known Brawn
8 The stomach of a cow or sheep is known as what Tripe
9 For which occasion was vichyssoise soup created The opening of the roof garden at the old ritz carlton hotel, new york city
10 What is the main ingredient of the korean soup bosintang Dog

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Which london bridge connects st paul's cathedral and the tate modern The millennium bridge
2 What is particularly unusual about the railway station in dartmouth, devon The planned railway line was never built so no train has ever arrived there
3 Which king did guy fawkes attempt to kill with his gunpowder plot James i
4 Which musician links the rolling stones, the jeff beck group and the faces Ron wood
5 With regard to banks what do the initials tessa stand for Tax exempt special savings account
6 Which conflict lasted between 1337 and 1553 Hundred years war
7 The name of which popular spirit is also a machine for seperating cotton from it's seeds Gin
8 St pierre, the capital of martinique in the west indies was completely wiped out in 1902 what
caused this catastrophie
Volcanic eruption
9 True or false: the grapefruit got it's name because it grows in clusters on a tree(like grapes) True
10 What colour comes after red in the rainbow Orange


Question Answer
1 Which is the largest freshwater lake Lake superior
2 Ireland: which irish word meaning 'chief' is used for the irish prime minister The taoiseach
3 Who accidently sailed around the cape of good hope in 1488 Bartolomeu dias
4 In which country is the great victoria desert Australia
5 What's the capital of zimbabwe Harare
6 Apart from water, what runs through the mouth of the river amazon and lake victoria The equator
7 On which side of the road do they drive in india The left
8 Mountains: in which american state are the adirondack mountains New york
9 To the nearest 100 million years how old is the earth 4,540 million years
10 Which motorway connects london with cardiff The m4


Question Answer
1 Henry viii: when catherine howard was executed she was the wife of a king but who did she say
she wished she was wife to
Thomas seymour/culpepper
2 1990s: which world famous musician died on 1 december 1997 Stephane grappelli
3 Famous battles: after the usa which country provided the most troops to fight iraq in the gulf
war in 1991
Saudi arabia
4 Firsts: when was the first national lottery draw held in britain 19th november 1994
5 To what was byzantium renamed in 330 ad Constantinople
6 Famous battles: at which famous sea battle did the americans defeat the japanese in 1942
despite their ships being out numbered 3 to 1
The battle of midway
7 1970s: nanny, sandra rivett was the victim of which infamous murderer Lord lucan
8 1990s: which movie released in 1994 was the first animated disney feature not based on an
existing story
The lion king
9 1970s: elvis presley died on august 16th 1977 but where exactly was he when he died On the toilet
10 In which year was joan of arc burned at the stake 1431


Question Answer
1 Who played guitar on the michael jackson song give in to me Slash (guns and roses)
2 How are jake shears, baby daddy, ana matronic, del maquis & paddy boom better known Scissor sisters
3 Which entertainer was born pricilla white Cilla black
4 Which of the gold diggers movies contains the song 'we're in the money' Gold diggers of 1933
5 Which member of the police starred in the film quadrophenia Sting
6 Why does gene kelly suddenly stop in the singing in the rain routine He notices the policeman
7 The rolling stones first single 'come on' was a cover of a b side by a famous us rock n roller
name him
Chuck berry
8 What is paul mccartney's real first name James
9 On the song 'dear prudence', who's prudence Mia farrow's sister
10 What 80's band included members from bad company and led zeppelin The firm

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What is hansen's disease better known as Leprosy
2 The 2 stars to the right of the plough in the constellation of ursa major are called the
pointers to what do they point
Polaris the pole star
3 What do the initals a. I. D. S. Stand for Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
4 What name is given to the diagram in which sets are represented by circles Venn diagram
5 What do we call a 3d picture created by lasers Hologram
6 Which element has the chemical symbol k Potassium
7 Scrivanous palsey is otherwise known as what Writers cramp
8 How many days will it be before a clock, losing 30 minutes a day shows the right time again Twenty four
9 What does an apiarist keep Bees
10 What is an otoscope used to look at The ear

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 What type of rock is used to make curling stones Granite
2 Who captained the england football team on 65 occasions between 1982-1991 Bryan robson
3 Who bought gazza for 5 million Lazio
4 How many gold medals did britain win in the sydney olympics Eleven
5 Which is the only one of the majors to be staged at the same course every year Us masters, augusta
6 Which modern gymnastics event made its first appearance at the 2000 sydney olympics Trampolining
7 Who were the only 2 players to score for england in the 1986 football world cup finals (pfe) Gary lineker & peter beardsley
8 At london 2012 who partnered andy murray in the mixed doubles Laura robson
9 When was the last game at wembley before the refurb 2000
10 Who did duncan mckensie play for Leeds

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 Worlds fastest roller coaster is the 'kingda ka' in new jersey at its highest point 456ft but
what's its maximum speed
128 mph
2 Number of years that beatlemania toured the united states 5
3 In which year was the worlds first mcdonalds opened 1954
4 The sunday times is credited as publishing the first ever crossword puzzle in what year 1924 (nov)
5 What age was the youngest person to ever have a full set of dentures 4 years 301 days
6 How many freckles did howdy doody have 48
7 How many emeralds make up the crown jewles 11
8 How many times a day does the human heart beat 100000
9 In which year was the chubb lock invented 1818
10 What was william hagues consituency majority at the 1997 general election 10051

Toys & Games

Question Answer