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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Featured in the film jurassic park, which creatures name means 'quick plunderer' Velociraptor
2 What features of the african elephant are larger that those of an indian elephant The ears
3 Which is the smallest of all birds Bee, hummingbird (2 grams)
4 Which birds were kept on the capitol and, allegedly, saved rome from attack by the gauls The geese
5 What is also known as the freshwater lobster The crayfish
6 Which gentle creature did walt disney create in 1942 Bambi, the fawn
7 Which is the second heaviest land animal The hippopotamus
8 What type of creatures are slugs and snails Gastropods
9 What are insects chewing jaws called Mandibles
10 What type of creature is a sidewinder A snake

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Childrens books: who used the doormouse as a pillow at the mad hatters tea party The march hare & the hatter
2 American writers: whose thrillers include the osterman weekend, the bourne identity & the
prometheus deception
Robert ludlum
3 At which railway station does harry potter catch the hogwart's express at platform 9 and 3
King's cross
4 Who said when a man is tired of london he is tired of life Dr samuel johnson
5 The renaissance: in which part of france are most of the renaissance chateaux The loire valley
6 Who wrote gullivers travels Jonathan swift
7 Agatha christie: what was unusual about the narrator of the murder of roger ackroyd He was also the murderer
8 Who is the most famous character ever to be created by helen fielding Bridget jones
9 American writers: which american poet and writer was married to poet ted hughes Sylvia plath
10 Which em forster novel features the schlegal sisters Howards end


Question Answer
1 What 'u' comes before violet, marine and sound Ultra
2 What 'al' when rubbed should grant three wishes Aladdin's lamp
3 What 'g' is headquarters of the who and the red cross Geneva
4 What 'cr' is the tallest species of tree in the world Californian redwood
5 What 'v' is a season's produce of grapes Vintage
6 What 'u' is one of a kind Unique
7 What 'oots' is the book by charles darwin on evolution Origin of the species
8 What 'i' is an official court border that forbids or commands that something should be done Injunction
9 What 'h' is a song of praise to god Hymn
10 What 'd' was the surname of clement the former mp and lucian the painter Freud


Question Answer
1 In which arnold schwarzenegger movie does he play the role of (detective jack slater) The last action hero
2 What were the first names of the blues brothers (pfe) Jake & elwood
3 Which film told of the battle of rourkes drift Zulu
4 Movie one liners: well today i'm gonna be picking up my hemi roadrunner that's right i said
The adventures of joe dirt
5 Who directed the award winning lord of the rings movie trilogy Peter jackson
6 Who was michelle's first boyfriend on full house Howie
7 Nostalgia: which was the first london underground line to open in 1863 Metropolitan
8 Movie one liners: sir wilfrid - you've forgotten your brandy. ' Witness for the prosecution (1957)
9 On the tv show ugly betty who was wilameena's bridesmaid Victoria beckham
10 Which japanese theatre form performed by a male cast combines singing dancing and acting Kunuki

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 What was the weekly butter ration during the second world war Four ounces
2 What vegetable is known a zucchini in the usa Courgette
3 The prongs on a fork are actually known as what Tines
4 Which citrus fruit, possibly a combination of sweet lime and sour orange, grows predominantly
in italy and is used in earl grey tea and eau de cologne
5 What are pershore eggs and marjorie's seedlings Plums
6 Who released the following album 'whipped cream and other delights ' Herb albert and the tijuana brass
7 What do the initials u. H. T refer to in relation to milk Ultra heat treated
8 In which country did scampi originate Italy
9 If you ordered a dish of mountain oysters or cape cod turkey what would you receive Sheep's testicles
10 Approximately how many coffee beans make up an expresso measure 40

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Larry holmes is famous for which sport Boxing
2 Which two numbers go with the rover car launched in 1999 75
3 Which texan golfer was nicknamed supermex Lee trevino
4 In which year was the queen mother born 1900
5 What type of creature was george in the classic tv show rainbow A hippo
6 What was the real name of the man whose son was known as baby doc Francois duvalier
7 Chemical element with atomic number 53 Iodine
8 Who was the first female dj to be heard on radio one Annie nightingale
9 Which poet wrote the divine comedy Dante
10 What type of fruit is a canteloupe Melon


Question Answer
1 Which river flows through paris The seine
2 For which newspaper did henry stanley work The new york herald
3 Which us state capital is known as the (mile high city) because of its elevation above sea
4 Ireland: what is ireland's only native toad The natterjack
5 On which river does the city of cairo stand The nile
6 What is the national airline of russia Maya island air
7 Which city is the capital of taiwan Taipei
8 Australia: what is the capital of tasmania Hobart
9 Africa: what makes up roughly one fifth of the continent's surface area The sahara desert
10 How many countries are there in south america Thirteen


Question Answer
1 1980s: robert de niro won an oscar for best actor in 1980 for his role in which movie Raging bull
2 What name was given to the practise of killing every tenth man in a mutinous roman cohort Decimate
3 Neptune was the roman god of the oceans, what name did the greeks use Poseidon
4 Famous battles: whome did the japanese defeat at the battle of tsushima in 1905 The russians
5 1960s: which famous artist was shot and wounded by valeria solanis in 1968 Andy warhol
6 1990s: what was opened on the 6th may 1994 The channel tunnel
7 1980s: what was the name of the funky van scooby doo and friends rode in The mystery machine
8 2000s: which soul singer, who died in august 2008, found fame in later life providing the voice
of 'chef' in south park
Isaac hayes
9 Military history: what was the name given to the sudden strike german bombing campaigns of 1939
- 1940
Operation sealion
10 1980s: in what year was 'dirty dancing' released 1987


Question Answer
1 In which year was culture clubs karma chameleon a hit 1983
2 What was the first george harrison composition recorded by the beatles Don't bother me
3 Chuck berry, bo diddley, howlin' wolf name the label that linked them Chess
4 Who had a number 1 in 1999 with the song 'fly away' Lenny lravitz
5 Who recorded ther albums 'popped in souled out' and 'holding back the river' Wet wet wet
6 Who was jesus on the lp version of 'jesus christ superstar' Ian gillan
7 What was britney spears debut single which shot to no. 1 Baby one more time
8 Which song and artists sang this during the 1970's ' a year has passed since i wrote my note,
but i should have known this right from the start, only hope can keep me together, love can
mend your life, but love can break your heart''
Police / message in a bottle
9 What color was lucy's sky Marmalade
10 Who had a surprise uk hit in the 90's with a cover of the classic led zeppelin song 'stairway
to heaven''
Rolf harris

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What metal is liquid at room temperature Mercury
2 What is the more common name for sodium chloride Salt
3 In which year did the last manned expedition to the moon take place 1972
4 What name is given to a plant that grows from seed & flowers and dies within a year An annual
5 Which contemporary scientist is suffering from from motorneurone disease Steven hawkins
6 Which family of plants sends up shoots in the shape of croziers The fren
7 Who is known as the father of medicine Hippocrates
8 Which metal has the chemical element w Tungsten
9 Which camera was invented by edwin land The polaroid camera
10 What is the most abundant radioactive element Uranim (238)

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Which player then on the books at manchester united scored for south africa during the 2002
world cup
Quentin fortune
2 Who did the 100 & 200 womans sprint double in sydney Marion jones
3 Can you name 2 british golfers to win the us masters in the 1990's Nick faldo & ian woosnam
4 In which season did manchester united first achieve the double 1993 / 1994
5 In 1780 jockey sam arnull rode diomed to victory in the first running of which horse race The derby
6 Which british driver retired from formula one in 2000 Johnny herbert
7 How many players are in a polo team 4
8 Which cricket commentator's son is a professional cricketer Christopher martin jenkins
9 In which sport will you find a small target ball known as the jack Bowls
10 As at the year 2000, how many times have the summer olympics been held in london Twice

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 How many muscles do you use when you walk 54 muscles
2 How many times a minute can a bumble bee beat it's wings 130 times
3 Number of music artists who have covered ''yesterday' 2,961
4 In which year was the daily mirror founded 1903
5 Into how many languages has 'the diary of anne frank' been translated 55
6 In 1972 how many cars travelled north through the dartford tunnel 4,787,092 cars
7 What year saw the launch of the parking meter in britain 1958
8 In august 1994 in manchester the largest pancake was made, how big was it's diameter in feet 49ft
9 Percentage of americans who have visited disneyland / disney world 0. 7
10 In what year was diana ross born 1944

Toys & Games

Question Answer