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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Name the only monkey living in freedom in europe Barbary ape, gibraltor
2 Apart from humans there is only one other creature that has sex for pleasure can you name it Dolphin
3 In edward lear's poem, which bird sang to the pussycat The owl
4 Which bird can fly backwards The humming bird
5 Which small rodent , highly valued for it's fine , silky fur, lives almost exclusively high in
the andes
6 Where do birds of paradise come from New guinea
7 Which sea bird has a black & white body and a very large , bright yellow & red beak Atlantic puffin
8 What are the 3 divisions of an insects body Head thorax & abdomen
9 Which animal has the largest eyes The giant squid
10 To which order of mammals does the beaver belong Rodents

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 What was the name of charles dickens last novel unfinished at his death The mystery of edwin drood
2 Which poet wrote no verse during his time as poet laureate William wordsworth
3 Agatha christie: why didn't they ask 'ask who' Why didn't they ask evans
4 Which author did hitler acclaim as the phrophet of right wing authoritarianism Nietzsche
5 Dance: in 1986 which director made ginger & fred about a pair of geriatric imitators who come
out of retirement for one last show
Federico fellini
6 Impressionists: who said 'i want to establish the right to dare everything' Paul gauguin
7 Poets: which 17th century dublin poet wrote various 'improved' versions of shakespeare's plays Nahum tate
8 Poets: which cleric poet told death not to be proud 'though some have called thee mighty &
John donne
9 Which science fiction story centres around alien children in a village The midwitch cuckoos
10 Who painted flatford mill Constable


Question Answer
1 What 'a' is a word from the greek, meaning a denunciation or a curse Anathema
2 What 'frg' is west germany also known as Federal republic of germany
3 What 'm' is the tv quiz series chaired by magnus magnusson Mastermind
4 What 'v' is a popular french salad dressing Vinaigrette
5 What 'h' are adrenaline and oestrogen in the human body Hormones
6 What 'o' was ranked second only to the emerald, as a gemstone, by the romans Opal
7 What 'l' is the largest european bird of prey Lammergeyer
8 What 'd' is the 11th-century book made by order of william the conqueror Domesday book
9 What 'p' is a northern irish politician Paisley
10 What 'p' is a device used to stimulate the heart muscle when the beat is irregular Pacemaker


Question Answer
1 The simpsons: what is the name of the car homer designs for powell motors The homer
2 Movie one liners: in death there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps & no escape Final destination
3 In the series friends who played emilys mother Jennifer saunders
4 Movie one liners: what took you so long? ' 'traffic was a bitch. ' The player (1992)
5 Which english playwright died of injuries when his coach overturned en route to bath William congreve
6 Movie taglines: 'it spans a whole new world of entertainment! ' The bridge on the river kwai (1957)
7 Movie one liners: well, sir. Goin' 'ome... 'ome, sir. ' Lawrence of arabia (1962)
8 What nationality is the fictional detective hercules poirot Belgian
9 Movie one liners: a man who's been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the
land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke.
10 Movie one liners: i don't know much, but one thing i do know son is you are here for a reason Superman

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Which dessert was created in honour of a famous ballet dancer Pavlova
2 From which fish is caviar obtained Sturgeon
3 Who is the american artist who uses campbell's soup cans in his pop art Andy warhol
4 What country is the home of the relish called chutney a=korea, b= china, c= india, d= japan C=india
5 Which german spirit is flavoured with caraway seeds and distilled from potatoes Schnapps
6 What is ghee Clarified butter used in asian cooking
7 Who released the following 'edible' album 'buddah and the chocolate box' Cat stevens
8 How or when can one eat angel hair or bridegrooms When eating pasta
9 Which are larger winkles or whelks Whelks
10 In greek mythology, what was the food of the gods Ambrosia

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 True or false: neil young was once the only artist on reprise True
2 What became the uk's first registered trademark in 1875 Bass red triangle
3 Which french phrase meaning, 'from the menu' is often used in the english language A la carte
4 Which of queen elizabeth the queen mother's relatives succeeded her as chancellor of london
The princess royal
5 Aileen wuornos was notorious for being the world's first what Female serial killer
6 Which american rock singer and guitarist played with the e street band Bruce springsteen
7 What was the original name of the royal air force Royal flying corps
8 In pop music, the queen song 'we will rock you' was re-released by which band in 2000 Five
9 Capital of the united arab emirates Abu dhabi
10 What as of (2006) what is britains longest running sit-com Last of the summer wine


Question Answer
1 In which country is guallatiri (the world’s largest volcano) Chile
2 What is the second largest country in the world Canada
3 From which london station do trains to the channel tunnel leave from Waterloo
4 What country consists mainly of the jutland peninsula Denmark
5 Which city is the capital of australia Canberra
6 In which country is madras India
7 What country produces the original edam cheese The netherlands
8 Which is the largest lake in the british isles Lough neagh in northern ireland
9 What is london's largest park Hyde park
10 In what year did captain cook reach new zealand 1769


Question Answer
1 Which two words are inscribed on a victoria cross For valour
2 What was the name given to the french goverment which collaborated with the nazis Vichy
3 Famous battles: where in september 1950 did general macarthur's troops land prior to the
recapture of seoul
4 1950s: which of these women never married frank sinatra a= mia farrow, b= ava gardner, c= lana
C = lana turner
5 1990s: which wartime event was remembered 50 years on in 1995 Ve day
6 Who was the last to sit on the peacock throne Shah mohammed reza pahlavi
7 1960s: who took over from kennedy after he was assassinated Lyndon b johnson
8 1980s: what does ll cool j. 's name stand for Ladies love cool james
9 American history: whose autobiography was called 'how to talk dirty & influence people' Lenny bruve
10 What apollo 13 astronaut contacted mission control with the words, (houston, we've had a
Jack swigert


Question Answer
1 In 1978 who had their first hit with 'i lost my heart to a starship trooper' Sarah brightman
2 What nationality was sylvia who had a 1974 hit with 'y viva espania' Swedish
3 Name the singer and the song of brian hyland's hit reaching no. 1 in 1989 Jason donovan / sealed with a kiss
4 Who is the youngest beatle George harrison
5 Who was was ther lead singer with cockney rebel Steve harley
6 Whose debut album was called different class Pulp
7 The cover version 'sea of love' was a hit for the honey drippers or the honey eaters The honey drippers
8 Which singer is known as the man in black Johnny cash
9 Ace of base come from which country Sweden
10 Eurovision: which comedian created & played tony ferrino, a portuguese singer who had won the
eurovision song contest in 1980 with the song 'papa bendi'
Steve coogan

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 As their names would suggest where were the mamenchisaurus & the tuojiangosaurus found China
2 Other than the neutron & proton what else makes up an atom Electrons
3 Rainbow in the human body was is the alternative name for the humerous The funny bone
4 What trick does the mirror orchid play on the male bee Flower resembles a female bee
5 What non-working stingless bee mates with the queen A drone
6 What was the family name of the french brothers who were pioneer developers of the hot air
balloon and who conducted the first untehered flights
7 In computing what do the initials jpeg stand for Joint photographic experts group
8 What is an angle of less than 90 degrees known as An acute angle
9 What russian physiologist went to the dogs to write conditioned reflexes Ivan pavlov
10 What is the male sex hormone called Testosterone

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Where was the 1978 world cup held Argentina
2 How many players comprise a handball team Seven
3 How many times did chris eubank fight steve collins Twice
4 On which horseracing course is the whitbread gold cup run Sandown park
5 In football (standard english football) is the goalkeeper allowed to score a goal Yes
6 Which football team plays at edgeley park Stockport county
7 With an aggregate of 5,444 runs, who is new zealands highest scoring test batsman Martin crow
8 How many epsom derbies did lester piggott win Nine
9 What is the minimum rest period between two games for any team at the 2006 world cup according
to fifa competition rules
48 hours
10 What do the initials tp signify to an archer Target practice

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In which year did honda start to manufacture cars 1960
2 The longest tennis rally on record took 51. 5 minutes how many strokes were there 1029
3 At the time of her jubilee how many ships had the queen launched 17
4 What year was the coca cola company founded 1892
5 At the new wembley stadium how much would it cost you for just one cup of tea 2. 70 a cup
6 How many uk chart number ones did the beatles have as a group 17
7 In what year did radio one broadcast for the first time 1967
8 What is the escape velocity for leaving the earth in miles per second 7 miles per second
9 World record speed attained in a helicopter 249 mph
10 In what year was ruth ellis hanged 1955

Toys & Games

Question Answer