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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Which animal has the largest eyes The giant squid
2 Hyraxes, which grow to weigh a maximum of 5kg & and are conies mentioned in the bible, have a
shared ancestry with which large mammal
3 Which bird has the best sense of smell Kiwi
4 Apart from humans there is only one other creature that has sex for pleasure can you name it Dolphin
5 Which are the three species of animal with stereoscopic vision Monkeys, apes and man
6 A boomer is the male of which animal Kangaroo
7 Dugongs & manatees belong to which family of animals Sirenia or sea cows
8 Which gentle creature did walt disney create in 1942 Bambi, the fawn
9 What type of creature is a sidewinder A snake
10 What is the main difference between a monkey and an ape Monkeys have tails

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Artists: which cities national palace is decorated with a series of historic murals by diego
Mexico city
2 Childrens books: what is obelix's favourite food Wild boar
3 In which book would you find the characters desinov & dolokhov Tolstoy's war & peace
4 Impressionists: which english impressionist is best known for his images of fog rain & snow Alfred sisley
5 The renaissance: whose lives of the artists is the main contemporary source of information on
the italian renaissance
Giorgio vasari
6 Agatha christie: what nationality was hercule poirot Belgian
7 Where might you finnd the museum of modern art New york
8 Who wrote the novel emma Jane austen
9 Agatha christie: which of agatha christie's plays in now the longest continually running drama
in the west end
The mousetrap
10 Who wrote the gulag archipelago Alexander solzhenitsyn


Question Answer
1 What 'j' comes before lag, black and set Jet
2 What 'fm' is a military rank Field marshall
3 What 'bl' is misfortune Bad luck
4 What 'q' is to engage in contention, or fall out Quarrel
5 What 'k' does the 'k' of aka actually stand for Known
6 What 'pp' won the 1988 pakistan general election Peoples party
7 What 'am' is the end person in a tug-of-war team known as Anchor man
8 What 'sul' are you said to have, by not showing emotion especially if you are british Stiff upper lip
9 What 'v' is the world's smallest state Vatican city
10 Which 'jn' won his first english open champion-ship in 1966 Jack nicklaus


Question Answer
1 Who narrated thomas the tank engine on children's tv Ringo starr
2 In which classic 1968 movie will you encounter the character 'caractacus potts' Chitty-chitty bang-bang
3 Which tv soap celebrated it's 30 th anniversary in 2002 Emmerdale
4 What is the name of the cement mixer in the tv show (bob the builder) Dizzy
5 Which 1999 movie features the character 'agent smith' The matrix
6 What were the two dogs names on magnum pi Apollo and zeus
7 In the world of entertainment how are sean & sarah smith better known Same difference (x-factor)
8 What was the name of the plasticine character who appeared with the late tony hart and i'll
give you a bonus point if you can tell me the name of his friend
Morph & chaz
9 Advertising slogans: have a break. Have a Kit kat
10 Advertising slogans: keep walking. Johnnie walker

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Who wrote the book charlie and the chocolate factory Roald dahl
2 What is the main ingredient in a black pudding Pigs blood
3 What is france's oldest type of brandy Armagnac
4 Rum, lime, and cola drink make up which type of cocktail Cuba libre
5 Which fruit is the main ingredient of the relish guacamole Avocado
6 Which herb is used to flavour pernod Rice
7 In indian cuisine what is ghee Clarified butter
8 Traditionally what type of meat is used to make a mousakka Lamb
9 How are the tv chefs 'simon king & david myers'' more commonly known The hairy bikers
10 Who invented muesli Dr muesli, who was swiss

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 The three sections of an insect's body are head, thorax and... What Abdomen
2 By 2010 it is predicted that 3% of the uk's electricity will come from which source Wind
3 Which singer led the group t-rex Marc bolan
4 Which cheese is traditionally used in the topping of pizza's Mozzarella
5 In medical science, pathology is the study of the causes and effects of what Disease
6 Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a member of the cat family Leo
7 Which stage and film musical tells the story of sally bowles and the kit kat klub Cabaret
8 Which film featured the joe cocker hit song (up where we belong) An officer & a gentleman
9 Abbreviations, what does nimby mean Not in my backyard
10 In the human body, is the lingual artery in the hand or in the neck Neck


Question Answer
1 In what country is banff national park Canada
2 Where is le figaro published Paris
3 Parks: which park in rome is situated in the palace garden of its most notorious family The villa borghese
4 The british isles: where is alum bay, which is famous for its many coloured sandstone cliffs Isle of wight
5 Mountains: by which city does the sugar loaf mountains stand Rio de janeiro
6 The british isles: which feature of the east of england was caused by the flooding of medieval
peat diggings
The broads
7 What is the largest us state by area Alaska
8 Which is the smallest continent Europe
9 What colour is the leftmost stripe on the french flag Blue
10 To which country do the balearic islands belong Spain


Question Answer
1 Natural history: which breed of cat has blue eyes Siamese
2 2000s: which country was in political crisis in 2008 after reports of foul play and violence
which ended up in leaders of the opposition the mfdc withdrawing from the polls.
3 1980s: which event took place in 1985 and was broadcast to 152 countries Live aid
4 1960s: which 60's movie features the line he's very clean A hard days night
5 Beginning in the 1820s, who from the southeastern united states were relocated to indian
territory over numerous routes
The five civilized tribes
6 What space rocket was destroyed during ground tests at cape canaveral in 1967 Apollo 1
7 In which war was pork chop hill fought over Korean
8 1960s: who took over from kennedy after he was assassinated Lyndon b johnson
9 Who, in 1909, became the first man to fly across the english channel Louis bleriot
10 Which (age) occured between the stone and the iron ages Bronze age


Question Answer
1 Who recorded telstar in 1962 The tornados
2 Which songwriters formed philadelphia international records Gamble & huff
3 Who had a christmas hit in 1979 with 'day trip to bangor' Fiddlers dram
4 Who wrote 'i wanna be your man' the stones 2nd uk hit Lennon mccartney
5 Who recorded the albums 'all over the place', 'distant light', 'everything' The bangles
6 Which band featured ex new york dolls guitarist johnny thunders The heartbreakers
7 The police sung about it in 1981, queen sung about it in 1986 and take that sung about it in
1992 what word did they all sing about
8 Which 1980's boy band was 'donnie wahlberg' a member of New kids on the block
9 Who wrote the autobiography a cellarful of noise Brian epstein
10 Name either of chopin's christian names Frederic froncois

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 Name tin tin's canine companion Snowy
2 Where is the carotid artery In the neck
3 What does the xp in the operating system 'windows xp' actually stand for Experience
4 What part of a car engine mixes fuel with air The carburetor
5 Which breed of cat has blue eyes Siamese
6 What is the substance from which nails and hair are made Keratin
7 What is an anemometer A device for measuring wind speed
8 Which continent is the natural habitat of the ostrich Africa
9 How long can a stag beetle spend as a larva Up to three years
10 In computing of what is the term 'bit'' an abbreviation Binary digit

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Who scored in every game of brazils 1970 world cup tournament Jairzinho
2 From which club did newcastle buy paul gascoinge in may 1995 Lazio
3 Which ethiopian athlete won the marathon at the rome & tokyo games in 1960 & 1964 Abebe bikila
4 Who was beaten by muhamed ali in the bout entitled the thriller in manilla Joe frazier
5 Which horse won the grand national in 2007 Silver birch
6 Which film starring john candy told the story of the jamaican bobsleigh team Cool runnings
7 Which liverpool player moved to juventus in the 1980's Ian rush
8 Which spanish club has the last name of dragons The barcelona dragons
9 In which sport might you start from pole position Motor racing
10 In which sport do british male competitors wear scarlet whilst female competitors wear black Show jumping

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 On what date did yellow `no waiting' lines appear on british streets 1958
2 As we know william roach has been on coronation street since the very beginning, but can
anybody tell me how many episodes has he starred in (up to the end of january 2007)
294 episodes
3 Last week miss pauline simpson from kent placed herself on ebay offering herself as a
girlfriend in an attempt to meet mr right & also raise money for charity, the highest bidder
was a mr charles kinner from stratford east london but can anyone tell me how much did he
eventually pay for her.
4 In which year did the mr men creator 'roger hargreaves' die 1988
5 In what year was the 999 emergency service first used 1937
6 How many times does a snail mate in a lifetime Once
7 In which year did the character postman pat appear on uk tv screens for the first time 1981
8 If you laid an adults arteries, capillaries and veins end to end how many miles would they
100,000 miles (4 times round the world)
9 According to a daily mail survey what is the current estimated population of england 49. 9 million
10 How many episodes of the tv show dallas were made 356

Toys & Games

Question Answer