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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 What part of its body does a butterfly use to taste It's feet
2 In the 1980's the australian government instigated a vasectomy programme for which wild animal Koala bear
3 Who was the first animal in space Laika the dog
4 What animal is a chester white A pig
5 What type of creature is a sidewinder A snake
6 Which species of bird has the longest wingspan The albatross
7 What type of animal is a borzoi A dog the russian wolfhound
8 What sort of animal was tarka An otter
9 What features of the african elephant are larger that those of an indian elephant The ears
10 Which bird was the emblem of prussia The eagle

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Which artists name literally means (little barrel) Botticelli
2 The renaissance: which great artist did francois i bring from italy to amboise in france Leonardo da vinci
3 Dance: what was unusual about adventures in motion pictures version of swan lake All male cast of swans
4 Name the famous greek writer of fables Aesop
5 Impressionists: which english painter is considered the precursor of the french impressionists Joseph turner
6 Who is the most famous character ever to be created by helen fielding Bridget jones
7 Who composed the opera (oedipus rex) Stravinsky
8 Who wrote the novel 'robinson crusoe' Daniel defoe
9 Which famous book begins with the line 'not long ago, there lived in london a young married
couple of dalmatian dogs named pongo and misses pongo'
101 dalmations
10 The renaissance: renaissance means 'rebirth' to whose values did it's followers wan to return The values of greco-roman antiquity


Question Answer
1 What 'f' is the resistance met by one object moving over another Friction
2 What 'f' is a spanish dance that rhymes with tango Fandango
3 What 't' is the prefix relating for things to do with heat Thermo
4 What 'j' is a member of the hebrew people Jew
5 What 't' is a sauce with mayonnaise and chopped gherkins Tartare
6 What 'f' is how one would like to be in a foreign language and means a ready use of words Fluent
7 Which 'ag' was a famous irish man who was born in 1725 and died in 1803 Arthur guinness
8 What 'u' is one of a kind Unique
9 What 'du' is the term applied to the location of australia and new zealand Down under
10 Which 'wa' directed manhattan and hannah and her sisters' Woody allen


Question Answer
1 Movie one liners: farewell, good magician. I will _try_ to go home. ' The last unicorn (1982)
2 Advertising slogans: fun anyone Playstation 2
3 In which series of movies does the character 'larry daley' witness some rather strange
Night at the museum
4 How long was the tv mission of star trek's enterprise to be Five years
5 Advertising slogans: the cream of manchester. Boddingtons
6 Which andrew lloyd webber musical holds the record for the highest grossing entertainment event
of all time
Phantom of the opera
7 Movie one liners: i'm oswald, time me Jfk
8 What event was the interview of the natural born killer, mickey, to be held during The superbowl
9 With which horror film would you associate the character of leatherface Texas chain saw massacre
10 Which 1999 movie features the main character and tough guy 'rick o connell'' The mummy

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 A dining chair with arms is known as a what Carver
2 Who released the following 'edible' album 'flaming pie' Paul mccartney
3 Where might you drink the wine retsina Greece
4 Vodka, orange juice and galliano make up which type of cocktail Harvey wallbanger
5 What do you call the irish dish of mashed potato's with chopped spring onions Champ
6 What famous product did cerebos manufacture Cooking salt
7 Which are larger winkles or whelks Whelks
8 What part of a wine bottle is the punt The indentation in the base
9 How many bottles of champagne are in a magnum Two
10 What is armagnac A dry, brown, brandy

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 By what six letter nickname is daniel hooper better known S - swampy
2 Which american city is nicknamed (the windy city) Chicago
3 Advertising, what everyday household item did jaques bradenburger invent in 1908 Cellophane
4 In the animal kingdom, a 'gosling' is a young what Goose
5 Which scottish patriot lead a revolt against the english in 1297 William wallace
6 What accompanies the bacon in the dish (devils on horseback) Prunes
7 According to norse legend, which bird delivers new-born babies to the home Stork
8 The zapruda film is the most expensive piece of cine film on the planet (whats on it) Jfk assasination
9 What was london's bt tower known as until 1981 The post office tower
10 In which european country was the film star 'greta garbo' born Sweden


Question Answer
1 Which countries collectively are known as benelux Belgium, netherlands, luuxemborg
2 If james bond was to dial 007 he would be using the dialling code for which country Russia
3 Mountains: in which country are the apennines Italy
4 Islands: which group of islands lies approximately 300 miles southwest of india The maldives
5 What is the capital of croatia Zagreb
6 Parks: until the 1930's which was the only national park in the united states east of the
Acadia national park maine
7 Which group of islands are known as the friendly islands The tonga islands
8 Name the capital of argentina. Buenos aires
9 Rivers: the putumayo, the purus & madeira are three of the many tributaries of which great
south american river
The amazon
10 Is the tropic of capricorn north or south of the equator South


Question Answer
1 Where was the royalist hq during the english civil war Oxford
2 1930s: to what position was john masefield appointed in may 1930 Poet laureate
3 Religion & myth: the bhagavad gita is a holy book of which religion Hinduism
4 1980s: in which 80's film would you find the bad guy 'hans gruber' Die hard
5 Who was king of england during the battle of agincourt Henry v
6 Mottos & epitaphs: whose motto was 'tune in turn on drop out' Timothy leary
7 Mottos & epitaphs: what is the moto of eton college Floreat etona
8 1980s: what toy was in short supply for the 1983 chirstmas season Cabbage patch kid
9 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled sheet music 10cc
10 Military history: when did constaninople fall to the turks 1453


Question Answer
1 In which area of london are the abbey road studios located St. John's wood
2 Which 2 boys spent 12 weeks in the charts together with a re-mixed surfari's track Beach boys & fat boys (wipeout)
3 Who had a hit in 1958 with the song 'hoots man' Lord rockingham's xi
4 What is the barber of sevilles name Figaro
5 Eurovision: which country won the eurovision song contest in 1983 Germany
6 The model iman is married to which music star David bowie
7 Grandmaster melle melle's 'white lines' has been released 4 times on which occasion did it
reach it highest chart position
8 What was robbie williams first solo uk number one Millenium
9 Which row was sung about in porgy and bess Catfish row in charlston
10 Name the film in which spandau ballet's kemp brothers later starred The krays

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 Where is the world's largest atomic establishment Underground at cern between france & switzerland
2 What was the tomato's original name Love apple
3 Why was the psittacosaurus so called It had a short head with a parrot like beak
4 What is affected if a patient suffer from gingivitis The gums
5 A common sight in most high streets, what was invented in 1967 by englishman john shepherd-
The cash dispenser
6 What was the claim to fame of laika, the russian bitch The first dog in space
7 What is the commonest metal on earth Aluminium
8 Which fish has the longest migration route European eel
9 Which metal is the best conductor of electricity Silver
10 Who made the discovery that the sun spins Galileo

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Alan shearer was the first player to score 200 premiership goals. Who was the second Andy cole
2 At london 2012 which sport took place at horseguards parade Beach volleyball
3 Which motoring champion has won the most f1 titles Juan manuel fangio
4 What numbers are either side of 20 on a dartboard 5 and 1
5 Who won the rowing eights gold in sydney Great britain
6 Which club did nigerian international daniel amokachi join after the 1994 world cup Everton
7 On a yacht, what are sheets Ropes
8 Which cricket broadcaster is famous for his observations of passing traffic Henry blofeld
9 Guus hiddink was the manager of which of the host nations at the 2002 world cup South korea
10 Who was the first player to score 100 goals in the football premiership league Alan shearer

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In what year was the first english translation of the bible completed 1388
2 How far is it from the earth to the moon in miles 238,900 miles
3 During normal breathing what speed does the air travel (on the beaufort scale) Force 2 - a gentle breeze
4 In what year was the first ever crufts dog show 1886
5 Amount that's generated on beatles bootlegs yearly $2. 7 million
6 At what speed in miles an hour does the earth turn 1000 miles per hour
7 How many islands are in fiji 332
8 How many british warships were sunk during world war 2 213
9 In what year did oxford university admit woman for the first time (as students) 1920
10 In which year was barbie doll first launched 1959

Toys & Games

Question Answer