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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Which flightless bird lays the world's largest eggs Ostrich
2 Which is the second heaviest land animal The hippopotamus
3 What is the male bee whose sole function is to mate with the queen The drone
4 What are insects chewing jaws called Mandibles
5 What is the largest living bird The ostrich
6 What animals name literally means 'man of the forest' Orang-utan
7 What do you call a group of kangeroos A troop
8 What is the world's largest mammal The blue whale
9 With which animals do you associate the disease myxomatosis Rabbits
10 What name is given to the study of insects Entomology

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Which shakespeare play opens with the 3 witches Macbeth
2 What was picasso's first name Pablo
3 Who wrote the novel jaws, that was later turned into a blockbuster movie by steven spielburg Peter benchley
4 Which american artist is known for a portarit of his mother James whistler
5 Of which famous london landmark was sir alfred gilbert the sculptor Eros
6 Who wrote the play (the mousetrap) Agatha christie
7 Poets: with whom did w h auden collaborate on letters from iceland Louis mcneice
8 How old was adrian mole when he began writing his secret diary 13 & three quarters
9 The renaissance: renaissance means 'rebirth' to whose values did it's followers wan to return The values of greco-roman antiquity
10 In which country was john constable born Suffolk


Question Answer
1 What 'r' is a pink and white root vegetable eaten raw Radish
2 What 'g' from the latin meaning to swallow, is one of the seven deadly sins Gluttony
3 What 'pp' stars peter sellers as an incompetent french detective Pink panther
4 What 'b' was the author of 'the admirable crichton' and 'peter pan' Barrie
5 What 'k' is to deprive of life Kill
6 What 'f' is thrifty or economical Frugal
7 What 'i' is without delay Immediate
8 What 'rg' is a large star between 10 and 100 times larger than the sun Red giant
9 What 'k' is a vessel for heating water Kettle
10 What 's' is a composition for seven instruments or voices Septet


Question Answer
1 Who is the only x factor winner not to have a uk christmas no. 1 with their debut single Steve brookstein
2 Who are the flintstones neighbours Barney & betty rubble
3 Movie one liners: it lies to her. It tells her things only a child can understand. It's been
using her to restrain the others. To her, it simply is another child. To us, it is the beast.
4 Movie one liners: stand back boy! This calls for divine intervention! Brain dead
5 Fictional characters: what were the christian names of dr jecky & mr hide Henry jekyll & edward hyde
6 In what year was (who wants to be a millionaire) first screened on tv 1998
7 Movie one liners: oh, dear. Oh, my. Hmmm. ' Bringing up baby (1938)
8 In which 1996 movie does jim carrey play the character 'chip douglas' The cable guy
9 In the 1956 film moby dick who played the role of captain ahab Gregory peck
10 In which movie did jim carey play lloyd christmas Dumb and dumber

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 What does vodka actually mean Little water
2 What is the main ingredient of the spanish dish paella Aniseed
3 Where might you find 'dead mans fingers' In a crab
4 What is amontillado Sherry
5 In which dishes is sticky rice used Sushi
6 If you ordered cherries jubilee, how would you expect them to be cooked Flambeed (in kirsch)
7 What name is given to the deep south stew or soup thickened with okra Gumbo
8 What ttype of oranges are traditionally used to make marmalade Seville oranges
9 Who released the following 'edible' album 'the spaghetti incident' Guns & roses
10 What traditionally might you eat on shrove tuesday Pancakes

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Which actor directed and appeared in antwone fisher Denzil washington
2 Who told you to 'go west' in the 1990's The pet shop boys
3 The big d is the official nickname of which us city Dallas
4 What nickname was given to the british 8th army in the second world war The desert rats
5 What is a natterjack A toad
6 What is the start of psalm 23 The lord is my shephered
7 What does the abbreviation sim as in (sim card) actually mean Subscriber identity module
8 Which of the four major blood groups is the commonest in the uk O
9 What do hamilton in canada, kuala lumpur in malaysia and kingston in jamaica all have in common All have hosted the commonwealth games
10 With what is a 'carpetbag steak' stuffed Oysters


Question Answer
1 In what us state is the grand canyon found Colorado
2 Which is the most northerly town in the british isles Lerwick
3 Australia: in 1866 where did mother mary mackillop establish the first school in australia for
all children regardless of race or income
Penola, south australia
4 Name the largest cathedral in the world. St. Peter's
5 Where would you find the queen alexandra, queen elizabeth and queen maud mountain ranges Antarctica
6 New york: what does the name soho stand for South of houston street
7 Into what body of water does the danube river flow Black sea
8 Russia: which sea is home to the sturgeon source of the world’s best caviar Caspian
9 What was so important about the oresund bridge between malmo & copenhagen which opened in july
Because it was the first permanent link between europe & the swedish peninsula
10 In which country is europe's highest mountain mt elbrus Russia


Question Answer
1 Who was king of england during the battle of agincourt Henry v
2 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled machine gun etiquette The damned
3 When and over what was the first british referendum held 1975, membership of the eec
4 1950s: which 1950s films took place in burma 1943 The bridge on the river kwai
5 In 1715 louis xiv of france was succeeded by louuis xv what relation was he Great grandson
6 1980s: name the female comedy star who once had a show on fox, that had a pop hit in the early
Tracy ullman
7 1950s: what opened in 1955 in anaheim, near los angeles, california. Disneyland
8 1970s: what were the 'character' names of the 3 lead women of charlie's angels (pfe) Sabrina, kelly, jill
9 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled for your pleasure Roxy music
10 Who gave john f. Kennedy a dog named pushinka Nikita khrushchev


Question Answer
1 What popstar with a 185 inch waistline & standing 6'1 topped the charts in 1993 Mr blobby
2 Which beach was far away in time Echo beach
3 Which american vocal group scored their first uk top ten hit in 1996 with 'we got it going on' Backstreet boys
4 Whose greatest hits album was entitled 'don't bore us with the chorus' Roxette
5 Who are the 2 members of wilson phillips Carnie & wendy wilson
6 All were released in which year: 'anarchy in the uk', 'fernando', 'a star is born' 1976
7 Which indian instrument has nineteen strings Sitar
8 Who sang to 'all the young dudes' in 1972 Mott the hoople
9 What was unique about depeche mode's single 'personal jesus' First of their singles to feature guitars
10 Who produced usa for in aid of famine relief in 1985 Quincy jones

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What term appies to space devoid of matter Vacuum
2 What is the function of white blood cells To combat disease and infection
3 What is the liquid portion of blood known as Plasma
4 What is the largest plant without a trunk The bananana
5 Which water transport aid was invented by norwegian -born engineer ole evinrude in 1906 The outboard motor
6 True or false, eating fish can help your memory as you age True
7 What is the name given to the short tail of a rabbit Scut
8 What does a palaeontologist study Fossils
9 What non-working stingless bee mates with the queen A drone
10 What russian physiologist went to the dogs to write conditioned reflexes Ivan pavlov

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Which team appeared in four consecutive super bowls from 1991-1994 Buffalo bills
2 Alan shearer was the first player to score 200 premiership goals. Who was the second Andy cole
3 What type of fruit is depicted on top of the men's singles trophy at wimbledon A pineapple
4 Who was crowned bbc sports personaility of the year 2008 Chris hoy
5 What name is given to the pitch on which american football is played The gridiron
6 On which racecourse is the kentucky derby run Churchill downs
7 In boxing, which weight category comes in between flyweight and featherweight Bantamweight
8 Which british athlete's autobiography is entitled (a time to jump) Jonathan edwards
9 In 1981 sue brown became the first woman to compete in which annual sporting event The boat race
10 Who lit the torch in the stadium at the sydney olympics Cathy freeman

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 How many separate pieces of wood does a violin contain 70 pieces
2 In what year did henry viii marry anne boleyn 1533
3 How many episodes of the sitcom 'it ain't alf hot mom' were screened 56
4 Canadian tattoo artist arnold spencer the 3 rd holds the record for the most tatttoo's on a
human body but how many does he have
5 Exactly how many stitches does a baseball have 108
6 In what year were the kray twins found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison 1969
7 In what year was blackburn rovers football club formed 1875
8 The most expensive whisky on sale in the uk is the springbank 1010 malt whiskey available at
fortnum & mason in london but in 2007 how much could you buy it for
9 In which year was actor sean connery born 1930
10 Amount for which the beatles sued nike for using the song ''revolution'' in a 1987 commercial $15 million (terms of the settlement are confidential)

Toys & Games

Question Answer