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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Which is the largest living rodent Capybara
2 What type of creature is the most poisonous in the world Frog , (half inch golden frog)
3 Which creature had a short nose horn & two larger horns on the brow Triceratops
4 What is the collective term for ducks A paddling
5 Which curved billed bird is the largest european wader Curlew
6 What creatures were frequently used to bleed patients in the nineteeth century Leeches
7 Which gentle creature did walt disney create in 1942 Bambi, the fawn
8 What is the world's largest mammal The blue whale
9 Which creature had 2 rows of plates running down it's neck, back & tail culminating in large
spikes at the end
10 Which is the smallest mammal in europe Pygmy shrew

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Agatha christie: in which book did she kill of hercule poirot Curtain
2 What type of animal is rupert the bears best friend bill Badger
3 Who wrote the novel emma Jane austen
4 Who painted the creation of adam Michelangelo
5 What is the name of the russian national ballet The kirov ballet
6 In 2007 who topped the best sellers non fiction list with born to be riled Jeremy clarkson
7 Impressionists: who was the only one of the impressionists to have exhibited at all 8 of their
Camille pissarro
8 Agatha christie: in sidney lumet's murder on the orient express, who plays hercule poirot Albert finney
9 Which st louis born novelist & poet became a british subject in 1927 T s eliot
10 Impressionists: which english painter is considered the precursor of the french impressionists Joseph turner


Question Answer
1 What 'h' comes after moor and before pecked Hen
2 What 'tnl' is where you wish to get when you aim to improve The next level
3 What 'd' was heroine of shakespeare's othello Desdemona
4 Which 'ia' is the american science-fiction writer with his own sci-fi magazine Isaac asimov
5 What 'k' was a german-speaking, czech-born writer Kafka
6 What 'y' comes after tax, calendar and leap Year
7 What 'az' is the lowest temperature that could possibly exist Absolute zero
8 What 'r' is another word for traitor Renegade
9 What 'p' is an assignment involving a period of work experience for a student Placement
10 What 'b' starred in god created woman Bardot


Question Answer
1 Movie characters: which popular movie character hails from the fictional planet of 'morph' Buzz lightyear
2 Who presented the saturday superstore on childrens tv between 1982 & 1987 Mike reid
3 Which disney movie was the highest grossing movie of the year 1961 101 dalmations
4 Which tv detective was confined to a wheelchair Ironside
5 Which film was re-named flight pacific 121 and then changed back to its original title Snakes on a plane
6 Nostalgia: princess diana made a public apology in 1997 after underage william & harry saw
which 15 certificate film
The devil's own
7 Which murder suspect in cluedo is represented by a purple playing piece Professor plum
8 Which comedian is associated with a tickling stick Ken dodd
9 Disney films: which famous artist worked at the disney studios for a few months in 1946 on a
project that was eventually abandoned
Salvador dali
10 In which comedy western did kevin kline play dual roles Wild wild west

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 What 'r'' is the name given to a picked herring Rolemop
2 Which vegetable did president george bush senior declare publicly that he did not like Broccoli
3 What can you do after eating a garlic doused indian meal in order to prevent your breath
smelling of garlic the day after
Drink a lassie (yoghurt drink) to coat your throat
4 Which are more nutritious brown or white eggs They are both the same
5 The prongs on a fork are actually known as what Tines
6 What ingredient is added to wine to make port Brandy
7 Salted and glazed biscuit shaped like a knot Pretzel
8 What do american's call an aubergine Eggplant
9 Who released the following 'edible' album 'chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavoured water' Limp bizkit
10 From which country does bulls blood originate Hungary

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 If a bottle of beer had the letters ipa written on it what does the ipa stand for India pale ale
2 In astrology, the star sign virgo is represented by what image A virgin
3 Which of the teletubbies is the smallest Po
4 What did alan freeman call his audience of sunday afternoon radio listeners Pop pickers
5 In which bavarian town is the passion play performed every ten years Oberammergau
6 In the nursery rhyme where did little polly flinders sit Amoung the cinders
7 On tv which character has a best friend called (robbie the seal) Pingu
8 Which island in san francisco bay was the site of a maximum security federal prison from 1934
to 1963
9 What nationality is the lager giant grolsch Dutch
10 What is the densest planet in our solar system The earth


Question Answer
1 In which continent would you find the congo river Africa
2 Parks: which park in rome is situated in the palace garden of its most notorious family The villa borghese
3 Where was henry stanley when he uttered the phrase (dr livingstone i presume) Ujiji on the shores of lake tanganyika
4 Which 2 countries occupy the iberian peninsular Spain & portugal
5 Public buildings: where is jose marti international airport Havana, cuba
6 Parks: what is the name of the only real park in florence, italy The boboli gardens
7 Name the continent that consists of a single country. Australia
8 Islands: where in canada would you find elk island & reindeer island Lake winnipeg
9 Public buildings: why was the eiffel tower built To celebrate 100th anniversay of the french revolution
10 In which country is the bridge over the river kwai Burma (myanmar)


Question Answer
1 1980s: who was the leader of the transformers Optimus prime
2 1960s: for which allegedly obscene publication were 'calder & boyars'' prosecuted in 1967 Last exit to brooklyn
3 Famous battles: who put vienna under siege in 1529 The turks
4 Who was the last british viceroy of india Lord louis mountbatten
5 British history: who summoned the model parliament Edward i in 1295
6 1970s: 'afternoon delight'' was the only major hit for which one-hit-wonder group Starland vocal band
7 Military history: after the chinese civil war of 1946-9 the nationalists remained in control of
only one island which one
8 What was deciphed as a result of the discovery of the rosetta stone Hieroglyphics
9 1980s: what type of men's jacket featured it's name on the outer breast pocket,and epaulets on
the shoulders
Member's only
10 1950s: who played the younger scrooge in the classic with alistair sim George cole


Question Answer
1 Which band have an album at number one at the moment called 'we are the night' Chemical brothers
2 In which pop band does damon alburn sing Blur
3 Which techno artists albums include accelerator, lifeforms & dead cities Future sound of london
4 Who did the avalon boys accompany on the 1976 hit 'the trail of the lonesome pine' Laurel & hardy
5 What was the name of robson & jeromes 1996 chart topping album Take two
6 Who is the oldest of these a) brett anderson, b) keith flint, c) robbie williams Brett anderson
7 Which trio released the album crazy sexy cool Tlc
8 Who was the first african american group to reach no. 1 in the singles charts The platters
9 What 1958 eddie cochran song became his biggest us hit and a rock classic Summertime blues
10 Which 2 groups combined on the 1969 hit 'i'm gonna make you love me' Diana ross & the supremes & the temptations

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What is the hardest bone in the human body The jaw bone
2 What name is given to an unusually long period of hot weather well above the average for a
paticular region
A heatwave
3 Which organ's action is replaced by artifical dialysis The kidney
4 Which insect transmits african sleeping sickness The tsetse fly
5 Whose report led to a much reduced british national rail system the 1960's Dr beeching
6 Acetic acid is more commonly known as what Vinegar
7 What does wysiwyg mean in the field of computing What you see is what you get
8 What is anaemia A deficiency of red blood cells
9 What bone is the patella Kneecap
10 Which branch of science is the study of sound Acoustics

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 At which grand prix circuit did aryton senna lose his life San marino , italy
2 For which sport is peter allis a noted tv commentator Golf
3 1998 was the 2nd time france hosted the world cup , which other 2 countries have hosted it
Italy (1934, 1990) & mexico (1970 1986)
4 For which sport is andy murray well known Tennis
5 What does a black flag signify in motor racing Driver disqualified
6 Leighton rees and bobby george are practitioners at which sport Darts
7 Which is the only british league club with the last name academicals Hamilton
8 In which game are projectiles thrown at stakes called hobs Quoits
9 In 1986, whose infamous 'hand of god'' helped argentina defeat england at the football world
Diego maradona
10 How many players make up a water polo team is it six, seven or eight Seven

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In what year did work first start on the construction of the whitehouse 1792
2 How many eyes does a bee have 5
3 In which year did the first ever bank robbery take place in the usa 1831
4 On what date did english cricketer dennis compton hit his 100th century 1952 (11th june)
5 In what year was 3rd class rail travel abolished in the uk 1956
6 In which year was the encyclopedia britanica first published 1768
7 Heathrow is the busiest airport in europe; how many passengers does it handle annually 45,000,000 passengers
8 In what year was the first wimbledon tennis tournament 1877
9 Walter watts crossed canada on a unicyle, how many days did it take him 93 days
10 The yangtze river is the deepest in the world but how deep is it 150 metres

Toys & Games

Question Answer