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1 The vicufia is a member of which family of mammals Llama
2 What animals name literally means 'man of the forest' Orang-utan
3 In the 1980's the australian government instigated a vasectomy programme for which wild animal Koala bear
4 Which creature had a short nose horn & two larger horns on the brow Triceratops
5 What colour is the beak of a mature mute swan Orange
6 Which animal has the longest gestation period The african elephant
7 Which bird has the largest wingspan The albatross
8 What is the scientific study of birds called Ornithology
9 Which species of bird has the longest wingspan The albatross
10 Which is the only bird that casn fly backwards The hummingbird

Art & Literature

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1 Impressionists: in roberts altmans 1990 film who played vincent van gough Tim roth
2 Poets: whose advice was 'when i am dead my dearest , sing no sad songs for me' Christina rossetti
3 How old was adrian mole when he began writing his secret diary 13 & three quarters
4 Which author wrote the spy that came in from the cold John le carre
5 American writers: which crime writers work includes the big sleep, the lady in the lake & the
long goodbye
Raymond chandler
6 Which publishing company was founded in london in 1935 by allen lane Penguin
7 Which famous book contains the line 'mr & mrs dursley of number 4 privet drive were proud to
say that they were perfectly normal'
Harry potter and the philosophers stone
8 Poets: with whom did w h auden collaborate on letters from iceland Louis mcneice
9 Who was the merchant in shakespear's (the merchant of venice) Antonio
10 American writers: which writer moved to england in 1977 & whose work includes mother tongue,
the lost continent & made in america
Bill bryson


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1 What 'l' is the foremost french museum of art Louvre
2 What 'q' is a modern ballroom dance invented in 1900 and very popular in the 1920's Quickstep
3 What 'c' is cement mixed with sand and gravel Concrete
4 What 'd' is a castle's subterranean cell Dungeon
5 What 'm' is the god of sleep or dreams Morpheus
6 What 'n' was the name of the queen and wife of akhenatun the pharoah who ruled egypt in the
14th century
7 What 't' makes chocolate oranges Terrys
8 What 'j' goes after lumber, hacking and dinner Jacket
9 What 'n' is the acronym for the us government agency founded for space flight and aeronautical
space administration
10 What 'b' is a divided city Berlin


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1 Movie one liners: well, i know what i've got here. Come on. I'll buy you a drink. You know, a
drink? '
Raiders of the lost ark (1981)
2 Which plant was uma thurman named after in the movie batman & robin Poison ivy
3 In which film did roger moore first play james bond Live & let die
4 Advertising slogans: the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand M&ms
5 The simpsons: where does otto immediately move to upon losing his job A trash-co. Waste disposal unit
6 Which tv show that ran from (1994-2004) featured the character 'gunther' Friends
7 The simpsons: on whose real life tv show did the simpsons make their first appearance Tracy ullman
8 In the film and tv series `the fugitive` what was the occupation of the fugitive Doctor
9 Advertising slogans: they are good. John's chips
10 What did the chief nickname starsky's car on stasky and hutch The striped tomato

Food & Drink

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1 What is the main flavour in the following alcohol 'amaretto' Almond
2 Who in the world of music has the real name of derek dick Fish
3 Which stout is dublin world-famous for Guiness
4 What is the french word for a cake shop Patisserie
5 What type of fruit is a damson Plum
6 In 1981 which producer of the bond movies received the irving g thalberg memorial award Cubby broccoli
7 Where is scotland's largest malt whisky distillery Tomatin
8 From what is american bourbon distilled Corn mash and malted barley
9 What is the main flavour in the following alcohols 'cassis' Blackcurrant
10 How many gallons are there in a firkin Nine

General Knowledge

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1 Which singer released an album in 1998 entitled 'voice of an angel'' Charlotte church
2 In which year was tv's channel 4 launched 1982
3 Which fruit is used to make the drink calvados Apple
4 In which year did all of the following events take place the queen begins paying income tax,
tennis champ monica seles was stabbed graham taylor resigns as england manager, nelson mandella
shared nobel peace prize with f. W. De klerk
5 Io is a moon that is associated with which planet Jupiter
6 What nationality was the artist whistler American
7 Who was the first black woman to appear on the front cover of vogue Naomi campbell
8 What famous pieces of work were composed by gustav holst who died in 1934 The planets suite
9 What letter is at the bottom right hand corner of a standard keyboard M
10 Who was the first woman to present the british children's tv show, _blue peter_ Leila williams


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1 Africa: what makes up roughly one fifth of the continent's surface area The sahara desert
2 Mountains: in which state is the usa's highest mountain mount mckinley Alaska
3 Parks: what is the world’s largest marine park The great barrier reef national park
4 Rivers: which river flows through the grand canyon The colorado
5 Who employed henry hudson to search for the north west passage The dutch east india company
6 What's the oldest capital city in the americas Mexico city
7 The british isles: what is the most famous landmark on the second largest of the orkney islands The old man of hoy
8 Mountains: in which mountain range is the ski resort of aspen The rocky mountains
9 New york: which building turned down madonna's application for residency as unsuitable 145 central park west
10 On which river does the city of cairo stand The nile


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1 1950s: who was the ruler of the principality of monaco who married actress grace kelly in 1956 Prince ranier
2 The french revolution: what was the name of the public prosecutor at the revolutionary tribunal Fouquier tinville
3 Who founded the open university Harold wilson
4 Natural history: what does a butterfly use to taste Its feet
5 1980s: who had an 80's hit with the song 'is there something i should know' Duran duran
6 Natural history: what is the rowan tree also known as The mountain ash
7 Who is the father of queen elizabeth 2nd George vi
8 In which city did chamberlain make his(wind of change) speech in 1960 Cape town
9 1980s: what was the british equivalent of 'we are the world' Do they know it's christmas
10 What was the goverment of oliver cromwell called The commenwealth goverment


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1 Which american singer was married to debbie reynolds , elizabeth taylor & connie stevens Eddie fisher
2 Name the production credit that jagger & richards adopted from 1974 onwards The glimmer twins
3 Who was lead guitarist with mountain Lesley west
4 What sort of girl took jamiriquai to no. 6 in 1996 Cosmic girl
5 Name the label owned by madonna Maverick
6 Which late great singer was christened, ellen naomi cohen Mama cas
7 Leslie gore's single 'judy's turn to cry ' was the sequel to which top ten hit in 1963 It's my party
8 What female rock star did mike wallace of '60 minutes' interview in 1969 Janis joplin
9 Don't forget me when i'm gone' was a hit for which canadian rockers Glass tiger
10 Who had a top 20 hit with 'over the hills and far away' in the mid 80's Gary moore

Science & Nature

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1 Which insect can infect humans with malaria The mosquito
2 How far above the earths surface do cirrus clouds usually form Between 5 & ten miles
3 What were the four elements proposed by the ancient greeks Earth, water, fire & air
4 What is the worlds largest fish Whale shark
5 There are two types of sex chromosome, x and y. Males have one x and one y but what do females
Two x's
6 What is the term hydrocephalus more commonly known as Water on the brain
7 What does the abbreviation cfc stand for Chlorofluorocarbons
8 Which german aircraft company invented the ejector seat in 1942 Heinkel
9 Why is neptune sometimes the farthest planet from the sun Because plutos orbit is eliptical so it sometimes cuts inside the path of neptune
10 In computing of what is the term 'bit'' an abbreviation Binary digit

Sports & Leisure

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1 What are the four grand slam events Austalian open, french open, wimbledon & us open
2 Where is the irish grand national run Fairyhouse
3 Which footballer was the first to be transferred for two million pounds in england Paul gascoigne (newcastle to spurs)
4 With which sport do you associate american picabo street Skiing
5 What nationality is former snooker world champion cliff thorburn Canadian
6 Which team were the england cricket team playing when michael atherton was involved in the
'dirt in the pocket scandal''
South africa
7 Sunderland's stadium of light takes it's name from that of which other european team Benfica
8 In which country were the commonwealth games first held Canada
9 Which football team plays at the baseball ground Derby county
10 Which boxing category is for fighters weighing between 7st 10lb & 8 stone Flyweight

Tie Breaks

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1 How many bathrooms are there in the whitehouse 32
2 In which year was the worlds first mcdonalds opened 1954
3 Grease the musical opened on broadway in 1972 where it ran until april 13 1980 how many
performances were there in total
4 At the new wembley stadium how much would it cost you for just one cup of tea 2. 70 a cup
5 Percentage of americans who have visited disneyland / disney world: 0. 7
6 On which date was tthe pop star elvis costello born 25th august 1955
7 How many rooms are there in the whitehouse 7
8 How long in miles is the suez canal 101 miles
9 How many goals did bobby charlton score while playing for england 49
10 In the classic 80's video game pacman can anyone tell me how many dots are there on the very
first level of the game

Toys & Games

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