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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Apart from humans there is only one other creature that has sex for pleasure can you name it Dolphin
2 Which flightless bird from mauritus is now extinct The dodo
3 What does a butterfly use to taste Its feet
4 The echidna, or spiny anteater , & the duck billed platypus shares a characteristic which does
not apply to any other mammal what is it
They lay eggs
5 Which mammal fires a mixture of methane, butane and sulphur from its scent glands The skunk
6 Which bird has the best sense of smell Kiwi
7 Featured in the film jurassic park, which creatures name means 'quick plunderer' Velociraptor
8 Native to america , what type of bird are lewis's red bellied , ladder-backed & nuttall's Woodpeckers
9 Owing to the sound it makes, what is the alternative name for the australian bird the
The laughing jackass
10 What type of creature is a sidewinder A snake

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 How is jack dawkins otherwise known as in a dickens novel Artful dodger
2 Who painted the creation of adam Michelangelo
3 Which gallery has exhibitions in london & st ives, cornwall The tate gallery
4 What is the fourth book in the harry potter series The goblet of fire
5 Who painted the blue boy Gainsborough
6 Which tavern was the favourite haunt of falstaff in shakespear's henry iv The boar's head
7 In swifts gullivers travels what is gullivers profession Surgeon
8 Dance: when judy garland dropped out which film gave ginger rogers the chance to star with fred
astaire one last time
The barkleys of broadway
9 Who was william shakespear's wife Anne hathaway
10 Dance: which child stars father starred in the nutcracker in the 1950's alongside bonnie
Macaulay culkins father


Question Answer
1 What 'r' is to repay an attack or insult in kind Retaliate
2 What 'c' is coconut fibre used to make matting Coir
3 What 'og' is the name used by some americans for the us flag Old glory
4 What 'g' has the quetzal as it's currency Guatemala
5 What 'h' is to worry by repeated attacks Harass
6 What 'ttpoe' is described as - the first was the rivers turning to blood and the last the death
of the first born. There were eight in between. How are they collectively known
The ten plagues of egypt
7 What 's' is a group of hotel rooms a set of furniture or a musical composition Suite
8 What 'ttbb' precedes 'in the forests of the night' in a poem by william blake Tiger tiger burning bright
9 What 'kf' is a chinese martial art Kung fu
10 What 'em' was how joseph merrick was known to victorian society Elephant man


Question Answer
1 Movie one liners: i think we oughta leave now. ' 'that's probably a good idea. ' Pulp fiction (1994)
2 Kevin federline is romanticly linked to which famous entertainer Britney spears
3 Whho used to say, (just like that Tommy cooper
4 Movie one liners: broadways nothing compared to children, toughest audience in the world Three men & a little lady
5 What was the name of arthur daley's local in the tv show minder The winchester club
6 Movie one liners: friends then. ' Saturday night fever (1977)
7 Family guy: you know what time it is It's time for a sexy party
8 What was the name of the three singer/dancers on the show rainbow Rod, jane & freddie
9 Tony curtis reportedly said of which actress that kissing her was like kissing hitler Marilyn monroe
10 Advertising slogans: 'where do you want to go today'' Microsoft

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Where did worcester sauce originate from India
2 How would you say 'house wine' in 'italian' Vino della casa
3 Whiskey, hot coffee, and whipped cream make up which type of drink Irish coffee
4 Who released the following 'edible' album 'burnt weeny sandwich' Frank zappa
5 Which beer sponsors a pre-wimbledon tennis tournament Stella artois
6 What gives pasta its green colour Spinach
7 Which drink is served in a schooner Sherry
8 What is the italian name for squid in a restaurant Calamari
9 What are sometimes called chinese gooseberries' Kiwi fruit
10 How big is a jeroboam compared to a normal size bottle 4 times

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Complete the title of this arthur miller play, death of a... What Salesman
2 True or false: more people are allergic to cows milk than any other food True
3 Advertising, who invented the ball point pen Laszlo biro
4 True or false: couples who marry in january february and march tend to have higher divorce
5 Abbreviations, in computing what doe the letters lan stand for Local area network
6 What is the lowest possible hand in poker 2,3,4,5,7
7 A macfarlane is what type of clothing item Coat
8 Which famous us lawman had brothers called morgan and virgil Wyatt earp
9 Easter, who was jesus betrayed by Judas iscariot
10 In geography, the namib desert is in which continent Africa


Question Answer
1 Rivers: into which body of water does the river volga flow Caspian sea
2 Which british county has the longest coastline Cornwall
3 Russia: how many islands make up st petersburg 101 islands
4 What city is served by tempelhof airport West berlin
5 Which king hired henry stanley to carve out an empire for him in central africa King leopold ii of belgium
6 Name the capital city of rhode island. Providence
7 What is the highest peak in england and wales Mount snowdon
8 The british isles: which national park includes the black mountains and usk valley Brecon beacons national park
9 New york: how did the bronx get it's name From jonas bronck's purchase of 500 acres of local land from the dutch west india company in 1641
10 Public buildings: where is the pirelli skyscraper Milan, italy


Question Answer
1 1980s: who was margaret thatcher Prime minister of great britan
2 What did lord carnavon & howard carter vdiscover in 1922 The tomb of tutankhamen
3 1980s: name eddie murphy's skit about vocabulary on saturday night live. Mr. Robinson's neighborhood
4 British monarchs: which king of england was killed while hunting in the new forest in 1100 William ii (rufus)
5 In what year was robert kennedy assassinated (2 points spot on, 1 point year either way) 1968
6 In what year did the great fire of london occur 1666
7 What is the only national spectator sport originating entirely in the united states Rodeos
8 1960s: name the remake of a 1960's film with the aid of the following actors. The first actor
was in the 60's original, the second actor played the same role in the remake robert mitchum
and robert de niro
Cape fear
9 With which ship did francis drake circumnavigate the world The pelican, renamed the golden hind after clearing cape horn
10 1970s: who had a hit with the smooth and soulful you to me are everything The real thing


Question Answer
1 What yeasr was whitney houstons 'saving all my love for you' released a) 1982 , b) 1985, c)
C) 1988
2 Name the 2 no. 1 singles for the seekers in the 60's I'll never find another you / the carnival is over
3 How many years were there between blondies fifth & sixth no. 1 hits 17
4 Which band had a 1994 number one with 'cotton eye joe' Rednex
5 Who is the youngest member of boyzone Ronan keating
6 Bluebird, tishbite & violaine were all minor hits for whom The cocteau twins
7 Who had a hit in 1983 with 'hey little girl' Ice house
8 Which 1970's disco pop band ended their chart career in 1981 with 'we kill the world, don't
kill the world)'
Boney m
9 The album simply entitled the beatles is usually known by what name The white album
10 Which songwriters connect david bowie, chris farlowe , melanie & marianne faithful Mick jagger & keith richards

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What is the fastest fish in the ocean Sailfish
2 What part of the body is affected by aneurysm The arteries
3 How many pairs of ribs does the humaan body have 12
4 What material was invented by belgian-born us chemist leo baekeland in 1905 Bakelite
5 What is a common name for the trachea The windpipe
6 For what is na the chemical symbol Sodium
7 In the food processing industry , what do the initials mrm stand for Mechanically recovered meat
8 What type of engine was invented by german felix wankel in the mid 1950's Rotary internal combustion engine
9 What is an anechoic chamber An acoustic echo free room
10 Who invented the lift Elisha otis

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 In which decade was the super bowl first contested 1960's
2 In which part of london did the broncos start out Fulham
3 Which band is named after the clubs colours Simply red
4 From which football club did manchester united sign roy keane in 1993 Nottingham forest
5 Was jimmy connors left or right handed Left handed
6 In athletics which event has styles called scissors and western roll High jump
7 Which football team managed to loose the 1974,1978 world cup finals Holland
8 Fill in the missing name in this sequence of england managers: taylor, venables, hoddle, ,
Howard wilkinson (caretaker manager in 1999 & 2000)
9 Oliver mccall lost his world title against who when he was disqualified for not defending
Lennox lewis
10 Which tennis player won wimbledon twice with an 8 year gap between victories Jimmy connors

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In which year was the boston tea party 1773
2 In what year did kellogg's launch rice krispies *1929*
3 Carmen dell'orefice has the longest career as a catwalk model on record how many years 69 years
4 In which year was the charity shield first contested 1909
5 The first ever tv episode of 'heartbeat' was screened in which year 10th april / 1992
6 Rick canzier holds the record for unhooking the most bras in one minute. Can anyone tell me how
many bras he unhooked
42 bras
7 Length of the longest beatles track Revolution 9,'' from the white album
8 Andre j ludwick has the largest collection of nail clippers in the world how many does he own 505 clippers
9 In what year did sweet rationing come to an end in great britain 1949
10 How heavy are the ashes from an average person once they are cremated (in pounds) 9 pounds

Toys & Games

Question Answer