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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 What do aardvarks eat Termites or ants
2 What name is given to a female swan Pen
3 Which mammal fires a mixture of methane, butane and sulphur from its scent glands The skunk
4 What type of insects are hawkers, clubtails, biddies, emeralds, darts & skimmers Dragon flies
5 Native to america , what type of bird are lewis's red bellied , ladder-backed & nuttall's Woodpeckers
6 Which bird has the best sense of smell Kiwi
7 What is the scientific study of birds called Ornithology
8 What is the only animal that cant stick out its tongue Crocodile
9 What animal can change its colour A chameleon
10 Which large rodents fur is known as nutria Coypu

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 American writers: who wrote the naked & the dead Norman mailer
2 Childrens books: what were wendys brothers called in peter pan John & michael
3 What is (onomatopoeia) The use of words which sound like the event they describe, such as bang
4 American writers: which crime writers work includes the big sleep, the lady in the lake & the
long goodbye
Raymond chandler
5 Artists: which 18th century italian artist declined an offer to decorate the royal palace in
stockholm because the fee was too small
Giovanni tiepolo
6 Childrens books: what is the tin man searching for in the wizard of oz His heart
7 Dance: who first choreographed stravinsky's rite of spring Nijinsky
8 Which author wrote the 'just so stories' Rudyard kipling
9 Poets: to whom did elizabeth barrett browning address the words 'how do i love thee , let me
count the ways'
Robert browning
10 Agatha christie: which massive clue was held back from the reader in 'the body in the library' The characters marriages


Question Answer
1 What 'a' is a graze Abrasion
2 What 'm' is french for handkerchief Mouchoir
3 What 'e' comes after rear, back and up End
4 What 's' is the more common name for a noctambulist Sleep walker
5 What 'dh' is a british pop art artist David hockney
6 What 'gfm' were the three gifts offered by the magi to the baby jesus Gold, frankincense, myrrh
7 What 'hmd's are clothes passed to you, normally by an older brother or sister Hand me downs
8 What 'w' is a snooker player nicknamed the whirlwind White
9 What 'm' is a gamophobia afraid of Marriage
10 What 'p' were ancient inhabitants of scotland Picts


Question Answer
1 Cops & robbers: what tv cop did peter falk play Columbo
2 What did walt disney turn tommy kirk into in 1959 The shaggy dog
3 Advertising slogans: maybe she's born with it - maybe it's Maybeline
4 In the tv soap neighbours'', what was des clarke's profession A bank manager
5 In how many movies did pierce brosnan play the role of james bond 007 4= (goldeneye, tomorrow never dies, world is not enough, die another day)
6 Which celebrity was known as the joan collins fan club Julian clary
7 Which japanese theatre form performed by a male cast combines singing dancing and acting Kunuki
8 Movie one liners: roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. ' Back to the future (1985)
9 Movie one liners: i don't know about that, father. Your guy may be bigger than my guy up there,
but my guy is bigger than your guy down here.
A bronx tale
10 On which radio show is a guest allowed to choose 8 records, a book & 1 luxury item Desert island discs

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Petit fours means literally 'little ovens'. What are they Small french cakes or biscuits
2 What does 'camra' stand for The campaign for real ales
3 From which fruit is the liqueur kirsh made Cherry
4 Who was the female russian dancer who had a desert named after her Anna pavlova
5 In which us state did chilli con carne originate Texas
6 Harrissa is what in cooking A spicy paste
7 Which chef created the 'peach melba' in honour of an australian opera singer Auguste escoffier
8 In 1999, which american retail giant announced that it was buying the asda food retail chain Wal-mart
9 After whom is caesar salad named Caesar cardini who would assemble it for his guests in tijuana, mexico in the 1920's
10 From which country does bulls blood originate Hungary

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 The person holding what office sits on the woolsack in the house of lords The lord chancellor
2 Which small fruit is named after a new zealand bird that cannot fly Kiwi
3 With which team did michael jordan win 6 nba basketball titles Chicago bulls
4 In 1949, which city became the capital of west germany Bonn
5 What is the name of the scandinavian animals that are famous for running off cliff tops Lemmings
6 What type of fruit is a jargonelle A pear
7 What name is given to a camel with one hump Dromedary
8 How old was abba's dancing queen Seventeen
9 In which us state is mount st helens, which erupted in 1980 Washington
10 According to the bible what was the occupation of matthew before he became a disciple A tax collector


Question Answer
1 On whose real life exploits is james clavell’s novel shogun based Will adams an elizabethan adventurer
2 Capitals: what is the name of the israeli parliament The knesset
3 Which us state capital is known as the (mile high city) because of its elevation above sea
4 What is the administrative centre of east sussex Lewes
5 Which is the least populated state in the usa Wyoming
6 What is the capital of portugal Lisbon
7 Khartoum is the capital of which country Sudan
8 Public buildings: who designed coventry cathedral Sir basil spence
9 What is the deepest lake in england Wastwater
10 Australia: australia produces over 90% of one of the earth's semi precious stones which one Opal


Question Answer
1 Natural history: which variety of pine tree, alive today, was a sapling during the life of
The bristlecone pine
2 The french revolution: which famous dickens novel is set during the french revolution A tale of 2 cities
3 1990s: who became russia's first democratically elected president in 1991 Boris yeltsin
4 Firsts: which operation was a world first for dr christian barnard in december 1967 First heart transplant (capetown, south africa)
5 Henry the 8 th had a bit of bad rep when it comes to his wives but he only executed 2 (pfe) Anne boleyn, katheryn howard
6 1980s: what was the name of he-man's magician sidekick Orko
7 1990s: which israeli leader was assasinated by a jewish extremist in 1995 Yitzhak rabin
8 1980s: which 80's film took place in 'hill valley 1955' Back to the future
9 Currently the world's longest serving leader, he ousted general batista in january 1959 - who
is he
Fidel castro
10 Mottos & epitaphs: which sculptor was said, on his gravestone, to be a loss to the cafe royal Jacon epstein


Question Answer
1 Which band were at the number one spot in 1998 with 'deeper underground' Jamiroquai
2 What was frank zappa's backing band The mothers of invention
3 What was singer chris hamill's stage name Limahl
4 Killing me softly went straight to no. 1 in 1996 who sang it Fugees
5 Name the year relax reaches no. 1 in the uk, 'this is spinal tap', born in the usa 1984
6 Who recorded the lennon/mccartney song 'world without love' Peter and gordon
7 Who recorded the albums 'non stop erotic cabaret' and the 'art of falling apart' Soft cell
8 What did pat benatar sing before she went into rock music Opera
9 Dan hartmans song 'i can dream about you' was featured in which film a) st elmo's fire, b)
streets of fire
B) streets of fire
10 How are craig and charlie reid better known The proclaimers

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 The crown, the neck and the root are the three main parts of a what Tooth
2 What is dipsomania another name for Alcholism
3 How long can a stag beetle spend as a larva Up to three years
4 Scotch tape was invented in 1930 by american richard drew for which company did he work 3m
5 What is the study of earthquakes called Seismology
6 What flower is depicted on the flag on india The lotus
7 Where were the worlds first windmills In iran in the 7th century
8 What is the name for the line on a weather map which connects points of equal temperature An isotherm
9 How does a giraffe clean its ears With its tongue
10 What does basic stand for in computing terms Beginners all purpose symbolic/standard instruction code

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 What is the white ball in bowls called The jack
2 How many cards are you dealt in a game of gin rummy 10 cards
3 Who commentated on the boat race for over 40 years John snagge
4 From which country do the soccer team anderlecht hail Belgium
5 The 'fia'' is the ruling body for which sport Formula one racing
6 At which weight did audley harrison win olympic gold in sydney Super heavyweight
7 Which british based tournament has had weetibix as a sponsor The womans british open
8 Which english football club are known as the blades Sheffield united
9 Which 3 athletics events do woman not participate in Hammer, pole vault, triple jump
10 Who scored england's penalty when beating argentina 1-0 in the 2002 world cup David beckham

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In what year did the first morris minor roll of the production line 1948
2 The largest hd tv in the world (2009) is located at the stadium of the dallas cowboys american
football team, how wide it is in feet
158ft - 6 inches
3 In what year was the cutty sark built 1869
4 How many times is the f-word used in the film 'pulp fiction' 257
5 The tv series 'planet of the apes' starring roddy mcdowell was set in what year 3085
6 On march 15 1930 milo barus from germany broke the record for tearing a pile of playing cards,
he still holds the record even today how many cards did he rip
7 What % of vitamin c, does a brussels sprout loose if cooked 0. 9
8 Amount of time photographer iain macmillan was given to shoot the cover of abbey road 10 mins
9 How many miles can a sloth swim in four hours 1 mile
10 In which year was the children in need charity founded 1979

Toys & Games

Question Answer