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10 questions from each category.


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1 Which water bird has brown & black feathers with a white flank slash & a red beak shield Moorhen
2 Which has the larger ears: the african or the indian elephant The african
3 Which bird brought back a twig to noah to signal the end of the flood The dove
4 What animal has the longest lifespan in captivity The giant tortoise
5 What animals name literally means 'man of the forest' Orang-utan
6 What type of insects are hawkers, clubtails, biddies, emeralds, darts & skimmers Dragon flies
7 What kind of animal was willy in free willy A killer whale
8 Which animal has young called elver The eel
9 Which bird is the emblem of the united states Bald eagle
10 What is believed to be the most stupid bird The turkey

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Which shakespearean character has the most lines Hamlet
2 Who wrote the play (the mousetrap) Agatha christie
3 Impressionists: which of manet's favourite models married his brother in 1876 Bertha morisot
4 Dance: in which film does gene kelly dance with a cartoon mouse Anchors aweigh (1945)
5 Which welsh poet died of alcohol poisoning the year he publsihed his collected poems Dylan thomas
6 Who wrote the gulag archipelago Alexander solzhenitsyn
7 What is the most performed opera in the uk La boheme
8 Who wrote the opera (the flying dutchman) Wagner
9 Which author described world war one as the war to end all wars Hg wells
10 Impressionists: who died in the marquesas islands in 1903 Paul gauguin


Question Answer
1 What 'o' has part of the national theatre named after him and was a lord of the acting world Olivier
2 What 'iom' does a manx come from Isle of man
3 What 't' is a slatted shutter or blind Jalousie
4 What 'i' is the religion revealed through mohammed Islam
5 What 'sah' drove a car called the striped tomato Starsky and hutch
6 What 'sk' is the country whose capital is seoul South korea
7 What 'o' is a woman's magazine -- and choices Options
8 What 'nasa' is the body governing america's space missions National aeronautics space administration
9 What 'd' was the crown prince in france Dauphin
10 What 'e' means learned or highly educated Erudite


Question Answer
1 Which movie actor was born (archibal leach) Cary grant
2 Movie one liners: stand still, godfrey, it'll all be over in a minute. ' My man godfrey (1936)
3 Who played willy wonka in the 1971 film willy wonka and the chocolate factory Gene wilder
4 Advertising slogans: a diamond is forever De beers
5 Female stars: who played ross's british wife in friends Helen baxendale
6 Movie one liners: i would like... Cheese... Go... To... Hell? Explorers
7 Movie taglines: 'leave your inhibitions at the door. ' Showgirls (1995)
8 What is the title of the n0 10 zz top song (viva..... ) Las vegas
9 What children's radio series began with the words (are you sitting comfortably then i'll begin) Listen with mother
10 In which series did nicholas lyndhurst play the time traveller gary simpson Goodnight sweetheart

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 If wine is made from grapes what is tequila made from Cactus
2 Which australian opera singer had a dessert and a kind of bread named after her Nellie melba ( peach melba, melba toast )
3 From which fruit is grenadine made Pomegranate
4 If you asked for scraps in a chippy what would you get Bits of fish batter
5 What do american's call an aubergine Eggplant
6 What jelly is traditional accompaniment to lamb Redcurrant
7 What type of fish is in an omelette arnold bennett Smoked haddock
8 Sauce containing mushrooms shallots, white wine and herbs Chausseur
9 What is the most common pub name in great britain The red lion
10 Capers are derived from what The pickled flower buds of a mediterranean plant

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 What fast food chain are you most likely to find underground Subway
2 What is the name of the dog in the tv show 'the tweenies'' Doodles
3 Which town was the scene of the gunfight at the ok corral Tombstone arizona
4 Which ocean is to the north of norway The arctic ocean
5 We brits call it a torch but what do americans call it A flashlight
6 How many squares are there on traditional snakes & ladders board 100
7 Is zondra rhodes a hairdresser or a fashion designer Fashion designer
8 When did new years day and new years eve last fall in the same year Every year (think about it)
9 Numbers, how many bones are in a human hand 27
10 Who was the first woman to walk in space Svetlana savitskaya (of russia, 25 july 1984, on salyut 7)


Question Answer
1 Mountains: which australian mountain was discovered by a polish explorer & named after one of
his countrymen
Mount kosciusko
2 On which line of latitude could you sail around the world without touching land 60 degrees south
3 New york: which film features in the finale of the film king kong The empire state building
4 Which is the largest lake in the british isles Lough neagh in northern ireland
5 From which london station do trains to the channel tunnel leave from Waterloo
6 Constructed in 1333 which is the oldest wooden bridge in europe The kapellbrucke in lucerne switzerland
7 Which north yorkshire village is famous for both its racecourse and its barracks Catterick
8 Which 2 countries occupy the iberian peninsular Spain & portugal
9 Which town in strathclyde was created a new town in 1955 Cumbernauld
10 The british isles: which national park includes the black mountains and usk valley Brecon beacons national park


Question Answer
1 2000s: in which year did it become illegal to use a mobile while driving in the uk a=2003,
b=2004, c=2005, d=2006
2 Henry viii: who was the first wife of henry viii Catherine of aragon
3 Which architect designed the whitehouse James hoban
4 1980s: name the tv show which featured an average housewife teamed up with a secret agent. Scarecrow and ms. King
5 In what year did the american civil war end 1865
6 Natural history: to which country is the carrot native Afghanistan
7 Natural history: how does a giraffe clean its ears With its tongue
8 Who was henry viii's last wife Catherine parr
9 What was rudolf hess' sentence at the nuremburg trials Life imprisonment
10 In which city did the indian mutiny start Meerut


Question Answer
1 What was dire straits 1982 album called Love over gold
2 Memory almost full was a 2007 album released by who Paul mccartney
3 Which record took madonna to no. 1 at the start of the decade Vogue
4 In the world of music, how are tracy thorn & ben watt more commonly known Everything but the girl
5 Name the 2 members of wham George michael & andrew ridegley
6 Which beatles song was inspired by a picture drawn by julian lennon Lucy in the sky with diamonds
7 Which celebrity named their first child brooklyn David & victoria beckham
8 Who sang the seductive 'i wana sex you up' Color me bad
9 Who had a hit with 'rock the boat' in 1974 The hues corporation
10 What chauvinistic comment was a hit for the monks Nice legs shame about the face

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 Where & when did people first use spectacles In china in the 1200's
2 What are the two kinds of blood corpuscles in vertebrates Red and white
3 In computing what does the word modem stand for Modulate demodulate
4 What is the largest plant in the world The giant redwood or california sequoia
5 Who discovered x-rays in 1895 Rontgen
6 What hormone controls the supply of sugar from the blood to the muscles Insulin
7 True or false, even fried fish is good for you False
8 From what material do wasps build their nests Wood fibre
9 Swedish botanist anders dahl gave his name to which flower The dahlia
10 What proportion of people are left handed About 5%

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 How wide in feet is a professional football goal mouth 24 feet
2 In which sport is the lance todd memorial trophy contested Rugby league
3 In which sport would you expect to find a short stop Baseball
4 What did jockey john white do in 1993 for which he is likely to be best remembered Won grand national that was void after false starts
5 Which american discus thrower won 4 consecutive olympic titles in addition to being a 4 time
record holder
Al oerter
6 In which country is the bellerive oval cricket ground Australia
7 How many diciplines are there in mens gymnastics 6 (vault, rings, floor, high bar, para bars, horse)
8 Which football team does former prime minister tony blair support Newcastle united
9 In which surrey town is the british national shooting centre Bisley
10 What was the score when england beat germany in munich on 1st september 2001 05-jan

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In channel 4's 1999 poll to find the '100 greatest movie stars', in what position was michael
2 Before the september 11 th terrorist attacks how many windows were there in both of the twin
3 In which year did bbc 2 become the first british channel to broadcast in colour 1967
4 How many people died in the great fire of london Just 6
5 By how many days did amundsen beat scott to become the first person to reach the south pole 35
6 What is the maximum speed of a raindrop in miles per hour 18 mph
7 In what year did 'nancy astor' become the first british woman mp 1919
8 How fast in mph can a dragonfly fly (it's theoretical top speed 60 mph
9 The hawk moth can flay at what speed in mph 33 mph
10 To the nearest million as of 2009 what was the population of moscow 9 million

Toys & Games

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