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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Which sea bird has a black & white body and a very large , bright yellow & red beak Atlantic puffin
2 Which bird brought back a twig to noah to signal the end of the flood The dove
3 What do squids, snails and oysters have in common They are all molluscs
4 Which species of bird has the longest wingspan The albatross
5 What kind of animal is a marmoset A monkey
6 Which small rodent , highly valued for it's fine , silky fur, lives almost exclusively high in
the andes
7 What bird uses a stone to smash open its prey The thrush
8 What type of creature is an aardvark An anteater (edentata)
9 Which bird is an emblem of the french nation The rooster
10 Archaeopteryx differed from it's modern counterparts in that it had teeth, clawed fingers & a
bony tail core. Otherwise it bore the characteristics of which group of creatures

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Who was samuel clemens better known as Mark twain
2 Childrens books: who used the doormouse as a pillow at the mad hatters tea party The march hare & the hatter
3 Impressionists: whose favourite subject was a mountain east of aix-en-provence Paul cezanne
4 Which author wrote the sound & the fury, the wild palms, and as i lay dying William faulkner
5 In which book would you find the characters desinov & dolokhov Tolstoy's war & peace
6 The renaissance: which family of bankers dominated florence during the renaissance The medici family
7 Artists: whose progress did william hogarth chart in eight etchings in 1735 A rakes progress
8 Which character created by dodie smith drove a black & white car & wore a black & white fur
Cruella de vil
9 Dance: what colour were moira shearers shoes in powell & pressburger's classic film Red
10 What were the tree like creatures in the lord of the rings called The ents


Question Answer
1 What 'ip' are you when you're hurt In pain
2 What 'tote' is an organization to protect our environment Friends of the earth
3 What 'ch' who died in 1877 had the real name t'asunka witko Crazy horse
4 What 'f' is a sham attack to divert attention (from a real one) Feint
5 What 'cr' is another name for a till Cash register
6 What 'u' is an official language in pakistan Urdu
7 What 'e' was prime minister during the suez crisis Eden
8 What 'a' is a meat jelly Aspic
9 What 'd' is doctrine laid down by the church Dogma
10 What 'u' is a tree with poisonous sap used for arrowheads Upas


Question Answer
1 Advertising slogans: they're yummy for your tummy! Milky way magic stars
2 Movie taglines: 'where were you in '62? ' American graffiti (1973)
3 Movie characters: which 1986 sci fi movie features the character, 'seth brundle' The fly
4 James drury, lee j cobb, & doug mclure starred in the first tv western to run for 90 mins what
was it called
The virginian
5 Advertising slogans: children's shoes have far to go Start-rite shoes
6 Animation: who was the puddy tat that tweetie pie thought he saw Sylvester
7 Advertising slogans: breakfast of champions Wheaties
8 Which former heavyweight boxer had a small cameo role in the 2007 movie rocky balboa Mike tyson
9 Movie one liners: denys would like that. I must remember to tell him. ' Out of africa (1985)
10 Nostalgia: what was stingrays headquarters / port called Marineville

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Which village in county antrim gives its name to a brand of irish whiskey produced there and at
a companion distillery in coleraine
2 What term is used in cooking to describe food that has been cooked so that it is still firm to
the bite
Al dente
3 How is a drink served when it is described as frappe With finely crushed ice
4 Blanket and honeycomb are both varieties of which food stuff Tripe
5 What ingredient is added to wine to make port Brandy
6 Baked alaska has meringue on the outside , what does the meringue cover Ice cream
7 What was the first name of senor cardini, the mexican restaurateur who created a classic salad
in 1924
8 The process where food browns during cooking is known as the what Maillard reaction
9 What is 'spam' short for Spiced ham
10 What type of foodstuff is traditionally eaten on shrove tuesday Pancakes

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 What aid to vision was invented by benjamin franklin Bifocal lens
2 Which is the largest lake in north america Lake superior
3 In government, for what do the letters dti stand Department of trade and industry
4 Abbreviations, in the media, who are the iba Independent broadcasting authority
5 Numbers, which track did the chattanooga choo choo leave from 29
6 What country is obtained by subtracting gold from pearl China 50 - 30 = 20 anniversarys
7 True or false: ryan giggs who plays international football for wales was actually born in
8 By what name do we now know siam Thailand
9 From which country did the usa aquire florida in 1819 Spain
10 Which is currently the longest running comic in the uk The dandy


Question Answer
1 Russia: which mountain range marks the divide between europe & asian siberia The urals
2 Russia: what is the name of the state museum in st petersburg The hermitage
3 Australia: who discovered darwin harbour The first officer of hms beagle, who named it after charles darwin
4 Which scottish loch is the deepest Loch ness
5 Which scandinavian capital begins and ends with the same letter Oslo
6 What name is shared by mountain ranges in scotland & australia Grampians
7 Which city is the capital of taiwan Taipei
8 Ouagadougou is the capital of which country Burkino faso (upper volta)
9 Which country produces the most pears each year China
10 Which is the largest of the canary islands Tenerife


Question Answer
1 Name the german battleship sunk in a norwegian fjord in 1944 The tirpitz
2 In what year was the tomb of tutankhamen discovered 1922
3 1980s: the worldwide stock market crash on 19th october 1987 became known as what Black monday
4 Firsts: why was the birth of louise brown on 25 july 1978 so significant First test tube baby
5 1950s: which 1950s films took place in hawaii 1941 From here to eternity
6 The middle ages: which event intrduced this feudal system to england The norman conquest in 1066
7 Natural history: what animals name literally means 'man of the forest' Orang-utan
8 Who killed who in 1963 in what is generally regarded as the first live televised murder Jack ruby killed lee harvey oswald
9 Natural history: how long does a may fly live 1 day/ 24 hours
10 1970s: who was nick named hanoi jane in 1972 because of her enemy propaganda broadcasts from
Jane fonda


Question Answer
1 What's the connection between tom jomes, shirley basey & the alarm Wales
2 The model iman is married to which music star David bowie
3 Who had a hit in 1988 with the song 'first time' Robin beck
4 Name the instrument connected with guy barker Trumpet
5 In which area of london are the abbey road studios located St. John's wood
6 Who was 'horny, horny, horny' Mousse t vs hot n juicy
7 Who played stand-up bass on elvis' songs for sun records Bill black
8 Where was tony christie asking directions to in 1971 Amarillo (is this the way to amarillo)
9 On their first visit to the us, at which hotel in new york city did the beatles stay The plaza hotel
10 Higher love' was a hit for which uk artist Steve winwood

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What name is given to opacity in the lens of the eye A cataract
2 Why was the seismosaurus so named Because of it's size hence earth shaking lizard
3 What familiar roadside item, in which money is placed,was invented in 1935 by american
journalist carlton magee
The parking meter
4 Which alloy is made with nine parts tin and one part lead Pewter
5 What material was invented by belgian-born us chemist leo baekeland in 1905 Bakelite
6 Which video game series is sometimes referred to as gta Grand theft auto
7 Where might you find hell, julius caesar, birmingham and billy On the moon
8 How long can a stag beetle spend as a larva Up to three years
9 What name was given to the boeing b-52 heavy bomber that first flew in 1952 Stratofortress
10 In what conditions do thermophilous plants thrive Warm or sunny

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Which european city has teams with the names cska , dynamo, spartak, torpedo Moscow
2 What is the name of the white ball in a game of bowls The jack
3 Which boxer won the bbc sports personality of theyear award in 1967 Henry cooper
4 In which californian city was the 1994 final played Pasadena
5 Which county has the most cricket county championship titles Yorkshire
6 Which swimming stroke was introduced into competition in 1952 Butterfly
7 Who won the bbc sports personality of the year award in 1971 Princess anne
8 What football club did bobby charlton play for when he won his 1966 world cup medal Manchester united
9 Which nation did france beat 3-0 in the final of the football world cup in 1998 Brazil
10 Which famous duo won the bbc sports personality of the year in 1984 Torvill & dean

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 Zeny borak of tokyo, japan hold the record for the most sexual partners 100,000 (2008)
2 In what year was diana ross born 1944
3 In what year was the raf founded 1918
4 How many times is the f-word used in the film 'pulp fiction' 257
5 How many steel pieces are there on the eiffel tower in paris 18038
6 Life the great challenge is the largest commercially sold jigsaw puzzle how many pieces does it
7 In which year did the boer war begin 1899
8 How many metres are there in a nautical mile 1852
9 In what year was the first hot air balloon flight 1783
10 The royal mint is recognised as the oldest established business in the uk in what year was it

Toys & Games

Question Answer