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1 Which animal has young called elver The eel
2 Which is the largest of the migratory animals The whale
3 Which creature got it's name because scientists felt that it fed on eggs Oviraptor
4 What are the 3 divisions of an insects body Head thorax & abdomen
5 What is also known as the freshwater lobster The crayfish
6 Which stage of an insects life cycle comes between egg and pupa Larva
7 Which animal has the longest gestation period The african elephant
8 Which bird is renowned for taking over the nests of other species Cuckoo
9 What is the largest living bird The ostrich
10 Which bird can fly backwards The humming bird

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 Who wrote the murder of roger ackroyd Agatha christie
2 Which movement spanned the period from the 17th century to the early 18th Baroque
3 In which century did artists first start painting on canvas 15th century
4 Who was samuel clemens better known as Mark twain
5 Agatha christie: in which village did miss marple live St mary mead
6 Which former jockey specialises in novels concerning horse racing Dick francis
7 Dance: by what name was peggy hookham better known Dame margot fonteyn
8 Childrens books: which danish novelist and dramatist wrote the fairytale 'the snow queen' Hans christian anderson
9 Tilly trotter, hannah massey and maggie rowan are all characters created by which novelist Catherine cookson
10 How many tales are there in chaucers canterbury tales 23


Question Answer
1 What 'cp' is a bird used for conveying messages Carrier pigeon
2 What 'b' was the name of the last battle fought in the war of the roses Bosworth
3 What 'a' is often a paramedic's transport Ambulance
4 What 'mc' is sometimes referred to as a ginger tom Marmalade cat
5 What 'o' is named after a venezuelan river and used to live in wimbledon Orinoco
6 What 'hwaw' ends the proverb 'early to bed, early to rise, makes a man... ' Healthy wealthy and wise
7 What 'yotg' is a member of the sovereign's bodyguard Yeoman of the guard
8 What 'l' is disinclined or reluctant Loath
9 What 'l' is the meat that goes into shepherds pie and donna kebabs Lamb
10 What 'ots' is the phrase used of someone not yet married and over a certain age On the shelf


Question Answer
1 Cast list: which legendary frontiersman did fess parker play on tv in the late 1950's Davy crockett
2 Which 1980 movie musical features the characters 'jake and elwood' The blues bros
3 Carry on: who plays the vamp in carry on screaming Fenella fielding
4 Fictional characters: in the world of tv soap operas what was the claim to fame of kristin
She shot jr ewing
5 Movie one liners: i'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook. ' Goodfellas (1990)
6 Advertising slogans: breakfast of champions Wheaties
7 Movie one liners: why would i shoot a bloke bang, then drive him to the bloody car and wizz him
off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in
the first place
8 Movie one liners: doesn't hurt so much here, or here, but right here? Black sheep
9 Nostalgia: who said 'i may not be perfect, but i'm bloody close' Johnny rotten
10 Nursery rhymes: how many blackbirds were in the kings pie Four & twenty

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 What are escargots Snails
2 What eastern fruit comes in a shell The lychee
3 Which vegetable did president george bush senior declare publicly that he did not like Broccoli
4 What name was given to the light, clear wine developed in medieval times along the coastal
valleys of the gironde river in the bordeaux region
5 How many herbs and spices are used in kentucky fried chicken Eleven
6 What is most likely to be measured in a hogshead Beer
7 Of which vegetable are globe and jerusalem varieties Artichoke
8 Which chicken dish is named after a battle in the napoleonic wars Chicken marengo
9 What type of star is awarded to restaurants where the food is of exceptional quality Michelin star
10 How many 75cl bottles of champagne would you get from a jeroboam 4 bottles

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 Which flower is also known as the lent lily Daffodil
2 Which us athlete won 4 gold medals at the 1984 olympic games Carl lewis
3 The modern rules of which sport were named after the eighth marquess of queensberry in 1867 Boxing
4 How many times in succession did bjorn borg win the men's tennis singles at wimbledon Five
5 Which english city is the setting for tv's inspector morse Oxford
6 Advertisements for clocks & watches normally always depict which time 10 to 2 or 10 past 2 (smiling face)
7 What is the most attention attracting colour Red
8 The title character in the 1996 film happy gilmore becomes a champion in which sport Golf
9 Dr drake ramoray'' is a fictional character that frequently featured in which popular tv show Friends
10 Which officer inquires by law into the circumstances of someone's death Coroner


Question Answer
1 Rivers: on which river does belfast stand The lagan
2 What two countries do tyroleans come from Austria and italy
3 Which famous egyptian queen ordered the expedition to punt & insisted on dressing as a king
while wearing a false beard
4 In which country is sapporo Japan
5 What do you call a narrow strip connecting 2 land masses An isthmus
6 In which country was the battle of waterloo fought Belgium
7 What is the capital of portugal Lisbon
8 Which carthaginian navigator founded 6 colonies along the african coast & reach the bight of
Admiral hanno, who set sail in 425 bc
9 What us state boasts the carlsbad caverns national park New mexico
10 Parks: which famous rocker released the album greetings from asbury park n. J Bruce springsteen


Question Answer
1 The middle ages: who did william the conqueror marry Queen matilda
2 In what year was the first english translation of the bible completed 1388
3 Which wall did the romans build to keep out marauding scots Hadrians wall
4 When and over what was the first british referendum held 1975, membership of the eec
5 American history: what was jfk airport originally called Idlewild
6 1990s: who had a 1996 hit with the simon and garfunkel song cecilia Suggs
7 In 1785, blanchard and jeffries became the first to cross the english channel using which
method of transport
8 The charge of the light brigade occured during which war Crimean
9 Henry viii: who was the mother of henrys son edward Jane seymour
10 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled tea for the tillerman Cat stevens


Question Answer
1 Jason orange is a member of which british boy band Take that
2 Who had 60's hits with 'glad all over' & 'bits & pieces' Dave clark five
3 Eurovision: which country won the eurovision song contest in 1969 (it was a 4 way tie between
these countries)
Uk, france, holland, spain
4 Who was the drummer in 'the dave clark five' Dave clark
5 Conga, bongo's & tabla are all forms of which instrument Drums
6 Whose songs were recorded by a variety of artists on the album 'red hot and blue' Cole porter
7 Who enjoyed chart success in 1991 with diamonds and pearls Prince
8 Who is dr. Winston o'boogie John lennon
9 In which year did 'wooden heart' & 'surrender' reach no. 1 for elvis 1961
10 If you were to dance with the guitar man who would be your partner Duane eddy

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 What is the name for a baby hare A leveret
2 What is the alloy pewter made from Lead & tin
3 What is the coloured part of the eye better known as The iris
4 Which was the first international airline to launch a sevice Klm (london to amsterdam)
5 How many teeth should a normal adult have 32
6 Which soviet artificial satelite was launched in october 1957 Sputnik i
7 How long does the average hair on your head grow in a single year 12cm (4. 75in)
8 Which wood are divining rods usually made from Hazel
9 If you studied histology what would you be involved in Cells
10 What is the fastest fish in the ocean Sailfish

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Lincoln, east end, manchester & london are all types of what Dartboards
2 In the 1990's which player played both for and against chelsea in f. A cup finals Mark hughes
3 In which game might you tug on your ear Charades
4 Who was britains golden girl in 2004 winning both the 800 & 1500 metres Kelly holmes
5 Which country hosted the football world cup in 1970 and 1986 Mexico
6 Is the game rounders an olympic sport (yes or no) No (is it heck)
7 In which english city will you find lords cricket ground London
8 In which athletics even might you use a fosbury flop High jump
9 Jesse owens set the record for the long jump in 1935 with 8. 13m who bettered this Ralph boston usa
10 Which german driver made his formula one debut in brazil in 1994 & won his first race at san
marino in 1997
Heinz harold frentzen

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 When the euro was launched in 1999, how many eu states took it onboard as a currency 11
2 During this years euro 2008 how many goals were scored during the tournament 69
3 In what year did prince charles & princess diana get divorced 1996
4 Marco holt from switzerland holds the record for keeping the most straws in his mouth at one
time but can anyone tell me how many straws did he manage to hold onto
258 straws
5 In which year were red and yellow cards first used in the english leagues 1976
6 In what year did britain's first tv soap appear on television 1954 (9th april) the grove family
7 Number of beatles-related websites listed on dave haber's website 52
8 The bbc2 sitcom butterflies was first screened in which year 10th november 1978
9 In which year was the oral contraceptive pill first introduced to the british general public 1960
10 How many stone monoliths are there on easter island 838 (lots of tiny ones)

Toys & Games

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