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Instant Quiz

10 questions from each category.
The Pub Quiz Company: Not in a pub quiz


Question Answer
1 Which bird was depicted on the rear of the farthing coin Wren
2 Which small rodent , highly valued for it's fine , silky fur, lives almost exclusively high in
the andes
3 Which mammal has the longest gestation period The african elephant
4 Which stage of an insects life cycle comes between egg and pupa Larva
5 What is the most common uk bird The blue tit
6 What features of the african elephant are larger that those of an indian elephant The ears
7 Which is the largest living rodent Capybara
8 What name is given to a female swan Pen
9 What name is given to a creature equally at home on land and in water Amphibian
10 The echidna, or spiny anteater , & the duck billed platypus shares a characteristic which does
not apply to any other mammal what is it
They lay eggs

Art & Literature

Question Answer
1 In 1526 hans holbein became the officiaal portrait painter of which english king Henry viii
2 American writers: whose book rosinante to the road again is set in spain after the first world
John dos passos
3 What was michelangelo's first name Michelangelo!!
4 What famous gothic novel was written by mary shelley Frankenstein
5 What was the famous novel written in gaol, by john bunyan Pilgim's progress
6 The renaissance: what was filippo brunelleschi's profession Architect
7 American writers: which conflict provided the setting for ernest hemmingway's 'for whom the
bell tolls'
Spainsh civil war
8 What is tthe ballet term for spinning on one foot A piroutte
9 Which publishing company was founded in london in 1935 by allen lane Penguin
10 Which english author created horatio hornblower C. S. Forester


Question Answer
1 What 'u' was discovered by herschel in 1781 Uranus
2 Which 'hsb' features captain furillo and his men on television Hill street bllues
3 What 'u' was the warrior symbolically buried in westminster abbey on nov 11th 1920 Unknown
4 What 'm' goes before shine and after once in a blue Moon
5 What 'tm' is a famous open space, not far from leeds, featured in a well known song Ilkley moor
6 What 'ctc' does a cow do when eating Chewing the cut
7 What 'o' appears in a newspaper after a person's death Orbituary
8 What 'a' is the country that won the 2011 eurovision song contest Azerbaijan
9 What 'l' is unevenly balanced or proportional Lopsided
10 What 'l' are vegetables called little gems Lettuce


Question Answer
1 Fawlty towers: what is mauels birthday present from basil An umbrella
2 Nostalgia: what nationality was the inventor of the rubiks cube Hungarian
3 When he died, 100,000 people filed past his coffin. Who was he Rudolph valentino
4 Nostalgia: what cereal was tasty, tasty very very tasty!! Kellog's bran flakes
5 Movie one liners: he said he wanted his wife to get this letter, didn't he? He said there was
nobody to look after the kids, didn't he? '
The ox-bow incident (1943)
6 Movie gangsters: in which film do james cagney & humphrey bogart appear together for the 3rd
and final time
The roaring 20's
7 Big brother: who was the very first person to be evicted from the bb house Sada walkington
8 Hospital shows: which hospital show featured a pathologist who had a penchant for making love
in the morgue
St elsewhere
9 To date (2007) for which two films has clint eastwood won a best director oscar (pfe) Million dollar baby & unforgiven
10 Films at sea: what was the name of captain nemo's submarine in the 1954 film 20,000 leagues
under the sea
The nautilus

Food & Drink

Question Answer
1 Gnocchi is a food from italy. What is it Small dumplings made of potato, flour or semolina
2 What is the head waiter at a french restaurant called Maitre d' or maitre d' hotel
3 Which cereal is the only one grown standing in water Rice
4 What is the main ingredient in meringue Egg whites
5 What was bretts last supper in the film pulp fiction (food and beverage) A big kahuna (cheese)burger and sprite
6 Which german spirit is flavoured with caraway seeds and distilled from potatoes Schnapps
7 Which country is the source of stilton cheese England
8 What is the basic ingredient of the indonesian dish nasi goreng Rice
9 How are tandoori dishes cooked In a clay oven (tandoor)
10 What is amontillado Sherry

General Knowledge

Question Answer
1 In medicine, which i is a respirator consisting of an airtight metal chamber encasing the body Iron lung
2 What french term beginning with the letter c is given to a road closed at one end Cul-de-sac
3 Which 1981 hit for the pointer sisters is also the nickname for eric clapton Slow hand
4 In which city is the headquarters of the international monetary fund Washington dc
5 Which saint's feast day is the 15th july Swithen
6 In television, which us sitcom created spin-offs mork and mindy and laverne and shirley Happy days
7 Who was the greek goddess of divine punishment Nemesis
8 What was the name of the first ever communications satellite Telstar
9 Abbreviations, what is gnp Gross national product
10 What item was stolen in march 1966 that made news headlines The world cup


Question Answer
1 In which country is sapporo Japan
2 What country consists mainly of the jutland peninsula Denmark
3 New york: which mayor of new york city was awarded an honorary knighthood in 2001 Rudi giuliani
4 Which cambridge bridge took its name from an architectural masterpiece in venice The bridge of sighs (st johns college)
5 Who established a colony at roanoke island & christened it (virginia) in honour of elizabeth i,
the virgin queen
Sir walter raleigh
6 Africa: zanzibar lies off the coast of which country Tanzania
7 Russia: what was the name of gorbachev's predecessor Konstantin cherenko
8 Mountains: which australian mountain was discovered by a polish explorer & named after one of
his countrymen
Mount kosciusko
9 What is a sextant used to measure The angle of the sun or stars above a horizon
10 Of which settlement did local people invite sir francis drake to become king San francisco


Question Answer
1 Mottos & epitaphs: who penned his own epitaph 'here lies one whose name was writ in water' John keats
2 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled deja vu Csny
3 1990s: what was madonna's biggest hit of 1990 Vogue
4 What was the name of charles lindbergh's plane in which he completed the first non-stop solo
trans-atlantic flight
Spirit of st louis (achieved in 1927)
5 1970s: who released the 70's album entitled slayed Slade
6 Firsts: which was the marx brothers first film Coconuts
7 2000s: former goalkeeper luke mccormick started a prison sentence in oct 2008 for the murder of
2 children following a drink drive accident, for which club did he play
8 1980s: what late night news show became popular in the eighties after the iranian hostage
9 Religion & myth: of which religion is sufism a branch Islam
10 1980s: what was the name of david hasselhoff's talking car in knight ridder Kitt


Question Answer
1 What stevie wonder song was recorded by 'beck bogart and appice' Superstition
2 Father abraham was the guiding light for which hit making figures The smurfs
3 Rock & roll revival band 'sha na na' appeared as johnny casino & the gamblers in which film Grease
4 Whose debut solo album was 'i got dem kosmic blues again mama' in 1969 Janis joplin
5 According to the lyrics of the song 'house of the rising sun'' what was the occupation of his
6 Who sung their own theme before moving on to a 'superfly guy' S express
7 About which jazz player was ain't misbehavin Fats waller
8 Crazy train' & 'mr crowley' were songs from whose 'blizzard of ozz' Ozzy osbourne
9 Who had a hit in 1993 with 'she don't let nobody' Chaka demus & pliers
10 Name one of big country's two top ten hits of 1983 Fields of fire & chance

Science & Nature

Question Answer
1 To which family does the jay belong Crow
2 What does a. M stand for on radios Amplitude modulation
3 Paleontologist sir richard owen is credited with coining the name 'dinosaur' in 1841. From
greek origin what is the rough translation of the term
Terrible lizard (deinos saurus)
4 What is the name of stephen hawkins famous cosmology book published in 1998 A brief history of time
5 What is the more common name for sodium chloride Salt
6 How many legs per segment does a millipede have 4 legs
7 What causes the inflammation resulting from touching a stinging nettle Formic acid
8 How many faces has the solid a dodecahedron 12
9 Which contemporary scientist is suffering from from motorneurone disease Steven hawkins
10 Who propsed the theory of relativity Albert einstein

Sports & Leisure

Question Answer
1 Who was the first football transfer over 10m between english clubs Alan shearer (blackburn-newcastle in 96)
2 Which water sport was introduced to the olympics at sydney 2000 Water polo
3 Who was the first man to jump 8 feet in the high jump Javier sotomayor, cuba
4 Who beat muhammad ali in 1978 to assume his world heavyweight title Leon spinks
5 How many times do entrants hurdle the water jump in the steeplechase 7 times
6 In which us state is augusta golf course Georgia
7 Which american horse race is run at churchill downs The kentucky derby
8 Who was the first english player to play in 50 internationals Rory underwood
9 Which country turned the five nations into six in rugby Italy
10 Who was the last player to captain england before david beckham Martin keown

Tie Breaks

Question Answer
1 In which year was the nhs established 1948
2 How many weeks did the soundtrack to the 'sound of music'' spend in the uk album charts 382 weeks
3 In what year was the breathalyzer first introduced 1967
4 In the crash test dummies song mmm mmm mmm how many mmm's are there in total 24 mmm's
5 Grown in 1996 how long is the longest carrot ever recorded (feet & inches) 16. 10 inches
6 In which year was desert island discs first broadcast 1942
7 In miles per hour, what is the average speed of a raindrop 7 mph
8 How many 1 litre coke bottle labels stuck together would it take to make a standard size
sleeping bag
85 labels!!
9 How many islands are there in indonesia 17508
10 What is the maximum speed of a raindrop in miles per hour 18 mph

Toys & Games

Question Answer