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From Which Country Did Smorgasbord Originate
In Which Month Is St George's Day
April (23rd)
Who Was The First British Monarch Of The 20th Century
Queen Victoria
Who Entered The 1973 Eurovision Song Contest With 'Congratulations'
Cliff Richard
Whose Bill For The Abolition Of The Slave Trade Was Passed By The British Parliament In 1807
William Wilber Force
Who Wrote The Novel Under Milk Wood
Dylan Thomas
The Day Of The Jackal Was A Novel About The Assassination Of Which World Leader
President De Gaulle
Which Planet Has A Pink Sky
With What Physical Handicap Was Dudley Moore Born
A Club Foot
Which Of These Is Furthest West - Bristol, Liverpool Or Cheltenham
In Which Country Were The Triads Founded
On A Compass Which Point Is Directly Opposite South South West
North By North East
At What Temperature Fahrenheit Does Water Boil
212 Degrees
Who Published 'The Origin Of The Species' In 1859
Sir Charles Darwin
What Type Of Creature Is A Black Cock
A Large Grouse
What Was Britain's First Pirate Radio Station
Radio Caroline
Who Is Kevin The Teenagers Best Friend
Which Band Released The Album Automatic For The People
Which Actor Plays The Character Charlie In The TV Series Lost
Dominic Monaghan
What Is The Most Northerly City To Have Hosted The Summer Olympics
What Name Is Given To The Longest Day Of The Year
Summer Solstice
Which Element Was Named After A 1781 Discovery
Uranium when Uranus was found
What Creature Has The Heaviest Brain In The Animal Kingdom
Sperm Whale
Who Was The First Boxer To Beat Lennox Lewis In A Pro Fight
Oliver McCall
Who Directed The Movies 'Platoon' And 'JFK'
Oliver Stone
In Which Range Of Hills Is The Source Of The River Thames
Who Was On The Back Of A Ten Pound Note Directly Before Charles Dickens
Florence Nightingale
Handbags And Glad Rags Is The Theme Song To Which TV Series
The Office
Who Is The Oldest Person To Win A Best Actress Oscar
Jessica Tandy
Who Wrote The Singing Detective
Dennis Potter
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