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Also Starring: Who Played The Part Of The Beatles Manager In 'A Hard Days Night'
Norman Rossington
Also Starring: In Whose Films Was Margaret Dumont Sometimes Cast As A Put Upon Society Figure
The Marx Brothers
Also Starring: Who Played The Scientist Assistan Igor In 'Young Frankenstein'
Marty Feldman
Also Starring: Which Scottish Born Actor Is Best Remembered For His Exaggerated Double Takes In Laurel & Hardy Movies
James Finlayson
Also Starring: Who Played Gene Hackmans Police Partner In The French Connection
Roy Scheider
Also Starring: Who Was The 3rd Sailor On Shore Leave With Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra In On The Town
Jules Munshin
Also Starring: In Which Film Did Fred Macmurray Appear As Jack Lemmons Boss, Mr Sheldrake
The Apartment
Also Starring: Which Film Featured Singer Al Martino Who, As Singer Johnny Fontane, Makes An Appearance At A Family Wedding
The Godfather
Also Starring: In Which Film Did George Segal & Sandy Dennis Support The Leads Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor
Whos Afraid Of Virginia Wolf
Also Starring: Who Won An Academy Award For Best Supporting Actor In Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus
Peter Ustinov
Also Starring: Who Appeared As A Blind Hermit In Young Frankenstein
Gene Hackman
Also Starring: Which Stalwart Of British Horror Films Played Grand Moff Tarkin In Star Wars
Peter Cushing
Also Starring: Which Film Director Played A Small But Significant Role In Chinatown
Roman Polanski
Also Starring: Who Provided The Love Interest For Jack Lemon And Walter Matthau In Grump Old Men
Ann Margaret
Also Starring: Which Future Baywatch Star Was One Of Elliots Classmates In E.T The Extra Terrestrial
Erika Eleniak
Also Starring: In The 1967 Film 'To Sir With Love' Starring Sydney Poiter , Which Pop Singer Appeared As One Of The Pupils As Well As Singing The Theme Song
Also Starring: In The 1963 Film Version Of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven' Which Future Oscar Winning Actor Played Peter Lore's Son
Jack Nicholson
Also Starring: In Which James Bond Film Did German Actor Gert Frobe Play The Title Role
Also Starring: Which Actor Played Supporting Roles In Jerry Maguire And As Good As It Gets
Cuba Gooding Jnr
Also Starring: Which Future Stars Of The Comedy Series Taxi Played Hospital Patients In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Danny De Vito & Christopher Lloyd
Also Starring: In One Of Her Earliest Screen Roles, Which Actress Appeared With The Marx Brothers In The 1950 Film 'Love Happy'
Marilyn Monroe
Also Starring: Which Singer Made His Screen Debut In Catch 22 In 1970
Art Garfunkel
Also Starring: A Star Of Coppola's Godfather Movies , Who Played The Unbilled Part Of A Businessman In The Conversation, Under The Same Director
Robert Duvall
Also Starring: What Is The Significance Of Gregory Peck & Robert Michum's Cameo Appearances In The 1991 Version Of Cape Fear
They Were The Stars Of The 1962 Version
Also Starring: Who Was Nominated For A Best Supporting Actor Oscar In Jfk
Tommy Lee Jones
Animation: Who Is Shaggys Canine Companion
Scooby Doo
Animation: Which Cartoon Series Is Set In Arien , Texas
King Of The Hill
Animation: What Is The Name Of Betty & Barney Rubbles Son In The Flintstones
Bam Bam
Animation: With Which Character Do You Associate Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam
Bugs Bunny
Animation: Which Tv Series Features A Family With An Evil Baby And A Talking Dog
Family Guy
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