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For Which European Country Did Mozambique Declare Independence In 1975
For What Is The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Century Sailor Sir Francis Beaufort Best Remembered
His System Of Wind Force Indicators
Which Great Renaissance Figure Had The Surname Buonarroti
The Monument In The City Of London Is A Monument To Which Event
The Great Fire Of London
Which Country Was Previously Known As The Dutch East Indies
Who Was The Mother Of James I Of England (Vi Of Scotland )
Mary Queen Of Scots
At Which Battle Was The Charge Of The Light Brigade
In Which Country Was Greenpeace Founded In 1971
Which King Of France Was Known As The (Sun King)
Louis XIV
What Notorious Event Occurred On The 24th October 1929
The Wall Street Crash or (Black Thursday)
Who Is Best Remembered As The Mistress Of Lord Nelson
Emma Hamilton
Which Shipbuilding Company Constructed The Titanic
Harland & Wolff
In Which Year Was The Berlin Wall Constructed
What Did British Honduras Change Its Name To In 1973
What Did The Romans Call Wales
What Did The Romans Call Scotland
In Which War Was Bunker Hill A Major Battle
The American War Of Independence
What Name Was Given To The Allied Invasion Of North Africa In 1942
Operation Torch
In Which English Town Was The Co-Operative Society Formed In 1844
Who Was Made Lord Mayor Of London In 1397, 1398, 1406 And 1419
Richard (Dick) Whittington
Which Type Of British Fighter Plane Shot Down 1,294 Enemy Aircraft In World War One
The Sopwith Camel
Which Legendary American Fire Fighter Was Sent To Extinguish The Oilfields Of Kuwait In 1991
Red Adair
At Which Battle Did Nelson Famously (Turn A Blind Eye) To Orders To Disengage
The Battle of Copenhagen
What Were Men Conscripted To Work Down Mines In World War Two Usually Known As
Bevin Boys
What Famous Protest Took Place In Britain In 1936
The Jarrow March
Which Queen Of England Was Known As Bloody Mary
Mary I
Who Was Nick-Named (The Desert Fox)
Field Marshal Rommel
Who Was Henry Viii's Last Wife
Catherine Parr
What Nationality Was Hannibal
Who Was The Youngest British Prime Minister
William Pitt (The Younger)
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