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In Which Game Might You Castle
What Is The Pitch Called In American Football
The Grid Iron
Which Uk Football Team Are Known As The Owls
Sheffield Wednesday
Which Football Team Has Won The European Cup The Most Times
Real Madrid (6 Times)
What Diameter Is The Circle From Which You Throw A Discus
In Which Sport Might You Win The Curtis Cup
How Many Players Are There In A Baseball Team
9 Players
In Which Game Might You Get A Royal Flush
Name The 3 Female Characters In The Game Cluedo
Mrs White, Miss Scarlet, Mrs Peacock
In Which British Newpaper Did The First Crossword Appear
The Sunday Express
What Is The Weight Of A Cricket Ball In Ounces
5.5 - 5.75 Ounces
In Which Blood Sport Are Banderillas Used
Bull Fighting
Other Than The Epee & Foil What Other Weapon Is Used In Fencing
The Sabre
In Bingo, What Number Is Represented By The Call '2 Fat Ladies'
In Which Game Might You Come Across A (Dummy)
What Is The Sign Language Used By Bookies Known As
Tic Tac
How Wide Is The Beam In Womans Gymnastics
4 Inches
Over What Distance Does Drag Racing Occur
1/4 Mile
In Which Asian City Were The 1964 Summer Olympics Held
What Are The Five Colours Of An Archery Target
Gold, Red, Blue, Black, White
What Is A Petanque Better Known As
How Many Players Are There In A Netball Team
What Colour Is The 8 Ball In A Game Of Pool
Which Country Has Had The Most Wins At The Angling World Championships
In Which Game Might You Tug On Your Ear
In Which Game Might You Peg Out
What Is The Value Of (K) In Scrabble
5 Points
How Many Suits Are There In A Game Of 'Mah Jong'
3 Suits
Which Football Team Plays At The Baseball Ground
Derby County
What Is The White Ball In Bowls Called
The Jack
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