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What Is The Most Common Blood Group
What Is The Hardest Substance In The Body
Tooth Enamel
Which Part Of The Body Receives Oxygen Without A Blood Supply
The Cornea
What Do The Initals A.I.D.S. Stand For
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Which Disease Of The Liver Is Associated With Alcoholism
If You Studied Histology What Would You Be Involved In
What Is Dipsomania Another Name For
Which Part Of The Body Is Affected By Rhinitis
The Nose
Which Antibiotic Was The First To Be Discovered
What Does E C T Stand For
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Which Colours Are Most Commonly Confused In Colour Blindness
Red And Green
Which Acid Is Present In Your Stomach
Hydrochloric Acid
Where Might You Find A Hammer And Anvil In The Human Body
The Ear
What Is The Fluid Which Surrounds A Foetus Known As
Aminiotic Fluid
What Is The Correct Name For The Adam's Apple
The Larynx
What Is The Function Of White Blood Cells
To Combat Disease And Infection
Which Is The Longest Bone In The Human Body
The Femur, Thighbone
How Many Bones Are There In The Adult Human Body
206 Bones
What Is Acetylsalicycil Acid Better Known As
From What Is The Heart Drug Digitalis Obtained
What Disorder Is Characterised By Appetite And Weight Loss
Anorexia Nervosa
From What Was Aspirin Orginally Extracted
Tree Bark
What Is Anaemia
A Deficiency Of Red Blood Cells
What Is The Term Used For A Drug Designed To Reduce Body Fluid
Which Bone In The Body Is Broken Most Frequenly
The Collar Bone
What Is A Carcinogen
A Cancer Producing Substance
What Disease Results In The Death Of Body Tissue
Which Disease Is The Most Widespread
Tooth Decay
What Disorder Results In Compulsive Eating And Induced Vomiting
Which Is The Most Infectous Disease
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