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Who said "All life begins and ends with Nu___at least this is my belief for now___"?
In the 'Extreme Battle' mini-game in 'Resident Evil 2', what characters are selectable?
Claire, Leon, Ada, and Chris
Which body part is found in Bodley Mansion in 'Castlevania II: Simon's Quest'?
An eye
In the game Joust, what animal was your mount?
An Ostritch
What video game starts out with Koma Pigs stealing your treasured bracelet?
How many buttons (excluding the control pad) did the original NES controller have?
Who created the music for N2O: Nitrous Oxide?
The Crystal Method
Who is the famed musical director for Square's Final Fantasy series?
Nobuo Uematsu
What is the development team at Nintendo headed by Shigeru Miyamotocalled?
Which was the first manned aircraft to exceed the speed of sound ?
Bell X-1
The Sega Genesis game about two lost aliens looking for their spaceship was called what?
ToeJam and Earl
Who is the main character from Nintendo's 'Earthbound'?
In which Mega Man game did Mega Man first gain the ability to charge up his shots?
Mega Man 4
What does the 'x' mean when referring to the speed of a CD-rom (eg. 32x)?
Times (faster than standard speed)
In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, what serves as your energy?
Who is the boss of the SNES game, 'Ranma 1/2: SUPER Hard Battle'?
What does LED stand for?
Light Emitting Diode
On what non-Nintendo console can you find Zelda games?
Philips CD-I
What is IRC an acronym for?
Internet relay chat
What is the reason behind the layout of the Qwerty keyboard ?
To slow down typing rates
What is Mario's profession?
Who is Mega Man's creator?
Dr. Light
What entertainment product did Nintendo make before entering the video game business?
Playing cards
Which character was introduced in 'Super Street Fighter II'?
What is the name of the cloud-riding, glasses-wearing koopa in the Super Mario Bros. series?
Who has the world's largest double-decker tram fleet?
Hong Kong
What was the name of the first plane ever to fly ?
Linux is a clone of what operating system?
Who programmed Roller Coaster Tycoon?
Chris Sawyer
What is the signature move of the Bombs in the Final Fantasyseries?
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