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What Creatures Were Frequently Used To Bleed Patients In The Nineteeth Century
What Do You Call A Group Of Kangeroos
A Troop
What Does A Butterfly Use To Taste
Its Feet
What Animal Is A Skua
A Bird
What Type Of Creature Is An Aardvark
An Anteater (Edentata)
Which Mammal Has The Longest Gestation Period
The African Elephant
What Is The Most Common Uk Bird
The Blue Tit
What Herb Do Cats Love
Catnip/ Cat Mint
What Is The World's Largest Mammal
The Blue Whale
With Which Animals Do You Associate The Disease Myxomatosis
What Is The Scientific Study Of Birds Called
Name The Only Monkey Living In Freedom In Europe
Barbary Ape, Gibraltor
What Do Squids, Snails And Oysters Have In Common
They Are All Molluscs
What Do Aardvarks Eat
Termites Or Ants
What Do Invertebrates Lack
A Backbone
What Is The Collective Term For Ducks
A Paddling
What Is The Male Bee Whose Sole Function Is To Mate With The Queen
The Drone
What Term Is Given To The Annual Marking Of Swans On The Thames
Swan Upping
Which Flightless Bird Is The Emblem Of New Zealand
The Kiwi
What Kind Of Animal Is A Marmoset
A Monkey
Which Creature Has The Largest Brain In Proportion To Its Body
The Ant
Which Animal Has The Largest Eyes
The Giant Squid
Which Bird Can Fly Backwards
The Humming Bird
Which Animal Has The Longest Gestation Period
The African Elephant
Which Is The Largest Of The Migratory Animals
The Whale
Which Animal Can Jump The Highest
The Whale
Where Do Birds Of Paradise Come From
New Guinea
What Type Of Animal Is A Borzoi
A Dog The Russian Wolfhound
What Is Also Known As The Freshwater Lobster
The Crayfish
What Is The Largest Carnivore Native To The Uk
The Badger
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