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Eurovision: Which Country Has Won The Eurovision Song Contest The Most Times
Eurovision: Who Country Clinched Victory At The 2007 Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision: Who Won The Competition For The UK In 1967 With The Song Puppet On A String
Sandie Shaw
Eurovision: In Which Year Did Bucks Fizz Win The Competition With The Song 'Making Your Mind Up'
Eurovision: What Was The Name Of The Group That Embarrassingly Earned England Nil Pwah In 2003
Eurovision: In 1969 There Was A 4 Way Tie For The Winner Name Any Of The 4 Countries Involved (PFE)
Uk, France, Holland, Spain
Eurovision: During Latvia's Winning Performance Of 'I Wanna...' In 2002, What Could Terry Wogan Be Heard Adding To The End Of Each Bout Of The Chorus Line
Eurovision: In 1981, What Did Bucks Fizz Famously 'Rip Off'
Their Skirts
Eurovision: Who Is The Only Act With A Palindromic Name To Win The Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision: Which Nation Infamously Slumped To The First Hat-Trick Of Nil Point Performances
Eurovision: Hosting The Competition In 1974, Who Did The UK Select To Provide The Interval Entertainment
The Wombles
Eurovision: In 1988, The French-Canadian Singer Celine Dion Competed For…
Eurovision: Ireland Have Won More Contests Than Any Other Nation, How Many Times Have They Scooped The Top Prize
Seven Times
Eurovision: Despite Receiving A Big Fat Zero From The UK Jury, Abba Soared To Victory For Sweden In 1974. What Did They Sing
Eurovision: In 1978, Which Country Became The First To Receive 'Nil Points' Overall, With Their Entry 'Mil Etter Mil'
Eurovision: Which Rule Was Passed In 1977, Which Would've Meant Abba's 'Waterloo' Wouldn't Have Been Allowed If The Rule Was Brought In A Few Years Earlier
The song had to be sung in one of the official languages of the performing country
Eurovision: With Which Country Did Celine Dion Win The Eurovision Song Contest In 1988 Singing 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi'
Eurovision: Which Act Won The Eurovision Song Contest For The United Kingdom Singing 'Love Shine A Light'
Katrina And The Waves
Eurovision: Which Of The Following Uk Entries Faired Best In The Eurovision Contest Gina G - 'Just A Little Bit', Black Lace - 'Mary Ann' Or Michael Ball - 'One Step Out Of Time'
Michael Ball / One Step Out Of Time
Eurovision: Rip Up Song Patent' Is An Anagram Of Which Eurovision Winning Song For The UK
Puppet On A String
Eurovision: Who Represented Russia In The 2003 Eurovision After Having A Number One Hit The Previous Year In The UK
Eurovision: Which Comedian Created & Played Tony Ferrino, A Portuguese Singer Who Had Won The Eurovision Song Contest In 1980 With The Song 'Papa Bendi'
Steve Coogan
Eurovision: Name Of The Act Comprising Of Gemma Abbey & Chris Cromby Who Became The First UK Act To Receive No Points
Eurovision: After The 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, How Many Times Had The United Kingdom Finished Second
Eurovision: Which Country's Jury Memorably Voted 'Nil Points' To The Swedish Entry (Which Happened To Win The Competition And Later Go On To Be A Massive Act Worldwide) In 1974
Eurovision: Ireland Has The Best Eurovision Record, Winning Seven Times In 37 Outings. Who Was Involved Bringing The Trophy Home On Three Of Those Occasions
Johnny Logan
Eurovision: When Cyprus Participated For The First Time, What Action Was Taken By Turkish Television
Showed Ads During The Cypriot Song
Eurovision: How Did Germany's Nicole Surprise Everyone When She Won 1982's Contest In Harrogate
She Sang In 4 Languages
Eurovision: Which Country Won The Eurovision Song Contest In 2004
The Ukraine
Eurovision: Greek Singer Nana Mouskouri Once Sang For Which Unlikely Country
For Luxembourg in 1963 and finished eighth with her song A Force De Prier
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