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How Tall Is Everest To The Nearest Thousand Feet
29,000 Feet
Approximately What Percentaage Of The Earths Surface Is Covered In Water
To The Nearest 100 Million Years How Old Is The Earth
4,540 Million Years
To The Nearest 500 Million How Many People Are Alive Today
5,5 Billion People
If You Added Up All The Ages Of The Celebrities That Started In The Big Brother House 2006, What Number Would You Come Up With
How Many Different Flavors Of Ice Cream Do Baskin Robbins Sell
1100 Different Flavors
In What Year Did Kellogg's Launch Rice Krispies
Jeff Hamilton From The Usa Holds The Record For Achieving The Fastest Speed On A Pair Of Inline Skates, Can Anyone Tell Me How Fast He Was Going (In Miles Per Hour)
64 Mph
In What Year Was The First Little Chef Restaurant Opened In Britain
Stevie Wonder Holds The Record For Winning The Most Grammy Awards By A Solo Pop Performer, How Many Grammy Awards Has He Won
To The Nearest Year, Can Anyone Tell Me When Christmas Lights Were First Invented
Walter Cavanagh Of California Has The Largest Collection Of Individual Credit Cards Adding Up To A Total Of 1,397 Cards, But Can Anyone Tell Me How Much The Total Credit Is Worth On Those Cards (In Dollars)
1.65 Million Dollars
At What Age Can A Female Lemming Become Pregnant, Answer In Days Please!!!
Just 14 Days
On The Original Band Aid Single Do They Know It's Christmas How Many People Were In The Original Line Up
44 Artists
At The End Of The 20 Th Century How Many Marks & Spencer's Stores Were There In Uk
289 Stores
How Many Times Was Tower Bridge Raised In 1990
460 Times
How Much In Dollars Did Rca Pay Sun Records For Elvis Presleys Recording Contract Back In 1955
George Best Died Last Week Aged 59 But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Caps Did He Earn While Playing For Ireland
37 Caps
How Many Times Does Kylie Say Lucky In The Song I Should Be So Lucky
48 Times
How Many Churches Were Destroyed In The Great Fire Of London
87 Churches
In 1982 Hungarian Inventer Erno Rubik Produced The Craze The Rubiks Cube But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Different Positions Does It Have
43,252,003,274,489,856,000 18=quintillion,15=quadrillion 12=trillion,09=billion,06=million
As Of 1999 How Many Church Streets Are There In The Uk
How Many Letters Are There In The Word 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'
34 Letters
When Did The Toy My Little Pony Go On Sale
How Many Episodes Were Made Of The Tv Show 'Are You Being Served'
69 Episodes
How Many Mailbags Were Stolen In The Great Train Robbery
120 Mailbags
In Britain How Many B&Q Stores Are There
335 Stores
In What Year Did The First Meeting Of Alcoholics Anonymous Take Place
In Which Year Was The Penalty Kick First Introduced Into The Game Of Football
Ann Arkin Of North Devon Has The Largest Collection Of Gnomes & Pixies In The World They All Live In Her 4 Acre Gnome Reserve. But Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Gnomes & Pixies She Has
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