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What Animal Can Change Its Colour
A Chameleon
Which Animal Has Young Called Elver
The Eel
A Boomer Is The Male Of Which Animal
What Is Unusual About Goats When They Sleep
They Don't Close Their Eyes
Which Has The Larger Ears: The African Or The Indian Elephant
The African
Which Is The Second Heaviest Land Animal
The Hippopotamus
What Is The Largest Living Bird
The Ostrich
What Is Believed To Be The Most Stupid Bird
The Turkey
What Animal Is A Chester White
A Pig
Of Which Animal Is The Gander The Female
What Animals Name Literally Means 'Man Of The Forest'
Which Are The Three Species Of Animal With Stereoscopic Vision
Monkeys, Apes And Man
What Is The Main Difference Between A Monkey And An Ape
Monkeys Have Tails
What Bird Uses A Stone To Smash Open Its Prey
The Thrush
Which Bird Has The Largest Wingspan
The Albatross
What Colour Is The Australian Swan
Which Creature Had 2 Rows Of Plates Running Down It's Neck, Back & Tail Culminating In Large Spikes At The End
Which Creature Had A Short Nose Horn & Two Larger Horns On The Brow
Which Creatures Name Has Passed Out Of Usage After It Was Discovered That Its Fossils Proved To Be Identical To The Previously Name3d Apatosaurus
Archaeopteryx Differed From It's Modern Counterparts In That It Had Teeth, Clawed Fingers & A Bony Tail Core. Otherwise It Bore The Characteristics Of Which Group Of Creatures
Which Creature Got It's Name Because Scientists Felt That It Fed On Eggs
Featured In The Film Jurassic Park, Which Creatures Name Means 'Quick Plunderer'
Owing To The Sound It Makes, What Is The Alternative Name For The Australian Bird The Kookaburra
The Laughing Jackass
What Type Of Creature Is A Whydah
A Bird
To Which Order Of Mammals Does The Beaver Belong
What Part Of Its Body Does A Butterfly Use To Taste
It's Feet
Apart From Humans There Is Only One Other Creature That Has Sex For Pleasure Can You Name It
What Type Of Creature Is The Most Poisonous In The World
Frog , (Half Inch Golden Frog)
What Sort Of Creature Is A Fluke
What Are A Whales Breathing Organs Called
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